Admirals Sovereign

The Sovereign class is the pinnacle of the Federation. It sums it up in just over 700m of sleek cutting and blistering power; she can explor...


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The Sovereign class is the pinnacle of the Federation. It sums it up in just over 700m of sleek cutting and blistering power; she can explore like the Galaxy class, but fight like a Negh'Var battleship. Designed to be one of the Anti-Borg ships (such other ships include the New Orleans and Cheyenne that fought in Wolf 359 and the later ships that proved to be more successful, including the Akira and Defiant) but wasn't ready in time for the Wolf 359 battle. Flagship of the fleet with its power alone (never mess with a ship that has torpedo tubes going into 2 digits and fires quantum torpedoes) it's apt that it is blessed with a great model in this game.

Admiral's Sovereign is a real beauty. You don't need me to tell you that though, the screenshots below really do not do it justice. Low in poly (just above the stock Sovereign, in fact) its textures allow it to shine through (of which there are two sets, one shown below and a darker one for those who perhaps want the more militaristic feel to it). This isn't limited to the ship itself. The texture for the Corbomite Reflector has also been edited and is a lot more clear-cut and defined....and generally cooler. That pretty much sums up this mod; it's better. Just so much better. The only erk with it and I believe it to be a valid one, is that with its new weapons it can become slightly un-balanced (as in Borg killer un-balanced) but what's a Battleship without the ability to kick some ass? This is a must-have for anyone who plays this game.

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Star Trek Armageddon
Admirals Sovereign!!

Alright folks, this is the ship youve all been waiting for...I thought Id release it to maybe get the community goin again...there are more to follow...Okay theres a lot of 
stuff in this file...thats why its a little bigger than most ships..but its fully modded and stuff...Everything should work fine, except maybe the explosion...of the ship..and if this doesnt
work, I'll send an update to fix this...Feedback is welcome.

okay, heres the credits

Original model: Admiral
original conversion to Armada: Thor
Texture: Mangledduk
Lightmaps: Unholy Trinity
photon and quantum torpedo textures: Rake's Weapons textures
buttons and various bitmaps and such: Mangledduk
animated phaser texture, shield texture, etc: Mangledduk
all odfs, weapons and such: Mangledduk
sounds: Mangledduk, except for the Quantum torpedo sound...thats from First Contact and is from the Bridge Commander Community
I think thats about it...if I missed anyone...Im sorry, contact me and Ill credit you, Im not trying to get glory for this;o)

I think thats about it for now....special thanks to Mith - co administrator of Armageddon for keeping it alive, The Armada community for supporting us and giving us a ton of ideas...lots of others
that have been waiting for this model...sorry it took so long to put up for download....MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT the Armageddon website...   


Unzip in your main Armada 2 directory...say yes to replace files, should work out, I havent tested it
but if you have any me FUN! One more thing, its recommended you install
this on a clean install of Armada since we will be releasing Armageddon ship by ship, so collect em all, lol;o)
peace out...

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