Advanced Gemini Effect Weapon

This is a nice refit of the existing Gemini effect found on the Federation Nebula class starship which makes it both as it came in stock, an...


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This is a nice refit of the existing Gemini effect found on the Federation Nebula class starship which makes it both as it came in stock, and self-targeting. This is a new concept, and ultimately the fact that it was something new to the game which had never been seen before that led us to feel it was the contest winner.

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                                              The Gemini Research

This is an upgrade for the Gemini Effect special weapon. It comes complete with new activation buttons and improved RGB files. I also rewrote the tooltip and special weapons research text display as well as the in-game display name as researching this special weapon will now give you two special abilities, one to duplicate allied ships(External Gemini Effect), and the other to duplicate the ship itself(Internal Gemini Effect).


 - All folders can be found in your Star Trek Armada 2 main directory(C:/Programs File/Activision/Star Trek        Armada II)

 - The Dynamic Localized Strings file goes directly to your Star Trek Armada II folder

1.) Copy all files within the special weapon's zip folder into their corresponding folder in your Star Trek         Armada 2 main directory(over write when promped to do so).

2.) Go to your techtree folder and open up the tech1 file. Scroll down to the Federation Special Weapons            section and add this to the list....

    geffect.odf        1 fedpod6.odf

3.) Go to your sprites folder and open the GUI_global file. Look for the section containing the special weapon      listing.....

    # Special weapon buttons


    ..when you find it, add this to the list......

    b_geffect               gbgeffect               0       0       64      64

4.) Finally, go to your ODF/Ships folder and open up the file of the ship you would like equipped with the          Internal Gemini Effect special weapon. Once selected, scroll down to the special weapon section and add         this....

    // Internal Gemini Effect
    weapon## = "geffect"
    weaponHardpoints## = "hp01"

    ....change this(##) to the next number up from the ship's last special weapon number count.

 - keep in mind that this is also part of the Gemini Effect spaecial weapon so if the weapon's research pod is     destroyed, this will also sees to function.


 Special thanks to Activision for making this game possible.

 Anyone is welcome to use this in their mods, no permission or credits are required.


 If anyone have any questions or problems with this mod, please feel free to contact me.

 gLenN -

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