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This is a new Aegean Mesh, converted, hardpointed and made worthy for use in Armada II. The mesh has been on A2Files for quite some time, th...


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This is a new Aegean Mesh, converted, hardpointed and made worthy for use in Armada II. The mesh has been on A2Files for quite some time, though if I recall, few people have actually done anything with it, nor released it, at least, not until now. Therefore, I present you with a new Aegean model for use as that little frigate, that always gets destroyed ;)

Quite easy on the poly count too, I'd suggest a download for all fans.

- Ash

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***********************************Aegean Class************************************

This is a totally rebuilt Aegean Class. The model was originally intended for
Starfleet Command, but it ran smoothly in Armada 1 and 2 so [Interstellar Machine]
decided to release it as such. It has 904+ polies.

Converted to Armada 2 .SOD format by Exodus_499
Hardpointed by Exodus_499

All new Mesh by Interstellar Machine
All new Textures by Interstellar Machine

Tools used:
Assimsoft Milkshape 3D  Plugins
Milkshape 3D

****************************Installation Instructions*******************************
A - Backups

1. Backup "ffrigate.sod" (located in the SOD folder of your main Armada 2 directory,
   usually "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II") and "ffrigate.odf"
   (in "...\odf\ships") to a seperate folder - I usually make a new one on my

2. Also move (actually move, not just copy) all the files called "ffrigate..." from
   the textures folder ("...Star Trek Armada II\Textures\RGB") to your new backup
   folder. If you can't see them immediately, check you are in the correct folder
   and searh within it (using the Search function) for "ffrigate*" (w/o the qoutes,
   but WITH THE STAR).

B - Installation - The easy bit!

1. Simply unzip the files into a new file, and put the folders "Textures", "SOD",
   "odf" and "bitmaps" into your Armada 2 Directory
   ("C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II", remember?). When asked if you
   want to averwrite, say yes.

2. You're done! That's it - play the game and build an Aegean just like you used to
   (or didn't). If something goes wrong, or you dont like it, simply chech through
   the files you added and put the originals back in their places.


Legal stuff:

All used tools are Copyright by there respective owners.
StarTrek-Armada is Copyright of Activision
StarTrek is TM,R and Copyright of Paramount Pictures

This is non official addon so neither I, nor Activision have any responsibilty for 
any damage to your computer this add-on may cause.

You should respect the rights of the property owners.
You (the user) must ask for permission from me (exodus_499) if you want to use one of
this in any mod other than your private installation, if you want to convert it to
other games, or if you wanted to sell it - my email is at the bottom of this readme.
You must also include the original readme, and this one.

With that (^) over,
I just want to give special thanks to Interstellar Machine for letting me use his
model & textures - bear in mind that they are his, not mine; I just 'finished off' by
converting it and hardpointind, etc.

My email is (in anti-spam form):   mtw_w AT hotmail DOT com
Interstellar Machine:              interstellarmachine AT hotmail DOT com

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