Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class

Azel/Atolm, if you pay interest to the concept side of the models/mods, comes up with the ingenious designs for quite a few ships. Goes to s...


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Azel/Atolm, if you pay interest to the concept side of the models/mods, comes up with the ingenious designs for quite a few ships. Goes to show how far a pen and paper can go when put together. Still, paper is only 2d. What Pepperman does (oh so well I should add) is make designs 3d...particularly Azel's Romulan designs. This is no different. In fact, sometimes I get a little sceptical when mods only have one picture to go with them. It can mean that there isn't anything to show, that it is lacking etc. It does, on the rarer occassion, mean that there is too much to say and so, one picture makes sense. This is also one of those occassions.

The beautifully crafted Shadow Wing Warbird comes with a plethora of heavy weaponry (of which new textures are included [see: Rake's Weapon Texture] for her disruptors and torpedoes), good defence but a hefty bill for construction. It does however have a wireframe, stylish admiral's pic and similarly stylish build button. Still, a minor warning as this ship has some pretty high-res textures and a medium-high poly count.

It's always good anyhow to see a new Romulan design and this is a reason why. So, download this sculpted bird...but don't get in its way.

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Download '' (1.27MB)

* Model Credits:
*  Romulan Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class
*    -  Game: Star Trek Armada I or Armada II
*    -  Designer: Atolm/Azel
*    -  Mesh Developer: Pepperman
*    -  Texture Developer: Pepperman
*    -  Version 1.0
*    -  Release Date: 21 Sept 2006
* Wireframe, Build Buttons and Object Definition Files (ODFs):
*     - Pepperman
* Other textures:
*    -  Romulan disruptor and torpedo textures by Rake
*	Homepage:
*       Contact: [email protected]
* Audio Files:
*     -  None uses stock sounds
* Special Notes:  NSTR

The Tal Shiar designed the latest sleek looking Romulan warbird, designated the Aen'laehval or Shadow Wing Class.   The Shadow Wing is equipped with multi-targeting plasma torpedoes and disruptor cannons. The combination of offensive strength, maneuverability, and stealth make the Shadow Wing a deadly predator and an invaluable asset to the
Tal Shiar.

Setup Instructions:
1.  Download file
Download file, virus check and extract files to a known location other than
the Armada directory

2. Copy files

Copy the *.SOD to your Armada SOD directory
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\SOD

Copy the object definition files (*.odf) from their respective folders to your Armada ODF Directories
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\weapons
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\special_weapons
Copy the graphics files (*.tga) to your Armada Textures/Rgb Directory
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Textures\RGB

Copy the ship bitmap image to the respective Admiral’s log directory
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages

3. Mod the shipyard files and make it buildable by the shipyard

Open the Romulan shipyard odf file (e.g., ryard2.odf) and insert a new builditem 
under the construction parameters:

// Construction Parameters
buildItemX = "rshadow"

Where X is the next available number in the sequence.

4. Mod the appropriate Techfile files

Open an appropriate techtree file (e.g., is for standard tech mode) and add the following lines. 

rshadow.odf  1 ryard2.odf

5. Mod the Gui_global.spr to add build buttons and wireframes

Open the gui_global.spr file located in the Sprites folder.
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Sprites

Add the following buttons under the # Romulan build buttons header:


# Build button for the Romulan Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class
b_rshadow	gbrshadow	0	0	64	64

Now add the wireframe references under the following header:

# Building Wireframes

# Wireframe for the Romulan Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class
rshadoww1	rshadowwf	0	0	48	48	
rshadoww2	rshadowwf	48	0	48	48	
rshadoww3	rshadowwf	96	0	48	48	
rshadoww4	rshadowwf	144	0	48	48	
rshadoww5	rshadowwf	192	0	48	48

6. Mod the weapon.spr to add weapon references

Open the weapon.spr file located in the Star Trek - Armada\Sprites
	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Sprites

Add the following lines under the respective headers:


# Romulan Disruptor for Romulan Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class Warbird
rhdisruptor	wvalpulse1	0	65	256	130

# Romulan Photon Torpedeo for the Romulan Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class Warbird
rmtphoton	wrtorp1	0	0	85	85	@anim=tex3x3

7. Mod the events.odf to add sound references

No modification are required as this mod uses stock warbird sounds.

8. Have fun with the Romulan Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class Warbird

I hope you enjoy this addition to ST Armada.  Have fun.

9. Contact Info

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the addon.

[email protected]

10. Uninstall Info

Reverse the steps above to remove this ship.

11. Legal

This material is not made or supported by Activision or MAD DOC Software. This material is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes!  By installing this addon, you (the user) agree to and assume all risks of said addon.  As a result, I take no
responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. Activision is a 
registered trademark of Activision, Inc.  All right reserved.  All other trademarks
and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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