Aerie Class

This is technically a new class for the Federation...but it isn't.

To explain, you need to look at the un-used files in the game, which,...


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This is technically a new class for the Federation...but it isn't.

To explain, you need to look at the un-used files in the game, which, unfortunately number many. Also, they include quite some wonders. So, as to why there is a sod of a Federation colony ship without it's team colour part is beyond me, but hey, there you go! This very nicely done upgrade changes an un-used Federation colony ship (same mesh) bar the team colour and utilises some nicely done upgraded textures that really highlight a good few details. Not only this, but upgrades were additionally done to the Borg set as well.

Everything else about the Federation colony ship remains the same mind you. Though, the class name makes sense. As accurately pointed out by the developer, Raven sounds more combat-ship then colony.

Overall,it's a decent download. Do note, this modification will most likely interfere with online play. So if you still have the stock model and play on-line, this probably won't be for you. Never mind if you don't, because this genuinely is a good addition.

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Aerie Class - Federation Colony Ship:

 I am Chiletrek and this mod contains an ODF and texture update for the Federation's Colony Ship (fcolony), with both normal and Borg assimilated files (all with new illuminations) and a new Class name.
 For this mod I make use of the unused ftransco.sod and textures, included already in-game, why? because that model doesn't include Team Colors (unnecesary in my opinion).

 Changes I made:

1) New ODF, with the same statistics, only changed the unitname.
2) New textures with new windows, fixed existing ones, added impulse engines and added shuttlebays.
3) Replaced normal fcolony model with the unused stock ftransco model, they are the same, but the last one comes without team-colors.
4) Since the model is renamed, there is no need for alterations in the gui_global, making this mod easier to install and un-install.

 Installation Instructions:

0) Check the files in this folder and compare with the same files existing in your ArmadaII folder, make a backup of your files because you'll need to overwrite existing files.
1) Make a backup of: ftransco.tga, ftranscob.tga, fcolony.sod & fcolony.odf
2) Unzip the contents of this folder in a temporary location.
3) Copy the files: ftransco.tga and ftrancob.tga and paste them to your Textures\RGB folder
4) Search and erase (previous you make a back-up) from the same folder: ftransco_1.tga, ftransco_2.tga, ftranscob_1.tga & ftranscob_2.tga
5) Go to your sod folder and copy from here to there the new fcolony.sod and replace if asked.
6) Finally, go to your odf\ships folder and copy from here to there the new fcolony.odf with  an update of the ship with the new name Class.
7) You are ready to go, turn on your game and play as the Federation or against them and see the new colony ship Aerie class with all its new details and have fun!!


1) Gene Roddenberry: For creating the Star Trek saga. Thank you very much!
2) Activision and Mad-Doc Software: For making the game.
3) Decipher's Star Trek card game: In that game appears the name of the colony ship: Aerie Class.
4) You: For taking your time to take a look at my mod :)


 Any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can E-mail me at: astro_nejiro at

I am not responsible for any type of damage, either for virus or for the use of this MOD.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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