Akyazi class

Nice 'older' style of federation ship


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Nice 'older' style of federation ship

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Download 'fakyazi_terradyhne.zip' (448KB)

Armada 2 Ships Addon:

This is an new  ship for StarTrek-Armada 2.

Odf,SOD and Buildbuttons included
Textures included.

Odf  by  me
Models and Textures by me
converted to sod by me

Tools used:
Milkshape 3d 1.6.5
Paintshop Pro 7.0 for Texture-works
3DS-Max R3 for conversion

Copyright thing:
All used tools and releated  are Copyright by there respective owners.
StarTrek-Armada is Copyright of Activision
StarTrek is TM,R and Copyright of Paramount Pictures

This is non official addon so there is no responcibility by Activision for 
every bug or system-destruction on your computer.
When this is released there is no known bug or danger for your system it´s 
100% virus-free so iam not responcible for any kind of software or hardware 
destruction on your computer.
you have to ask for permission if you want to use this in anny mod project.


How to add this to the game:

odf-files go into odf/ships folder
tga-files go into textures/RGB folder
SOD-files go into SOD folder

add this line into a shipyard buildlist:

buildItemXX = "Fakyazi"  (XX= number of buildoption, 1-12)

add this line to tech1.tt and freetech.tt:

Fakyazi.odf  0

and add this to gui_global.spr under the other entries for fed ship buttons:

b_Fakyazi     		gbFakyazi    	0	0	64	64

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