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I'm not sure if I'm impressed by this one or not. VenerableDread's description of this vessel promises "A hybrid ship of Starfleet/Kling...


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I'm not sure if I'm impressed by this one or not. VenerableDread's description of this vessel promises "A hybrid ship of Starfleet/Klingon design." But it isn't so much a hybrid as a kitbash, as if an Akira class starship mated with a Fek'lhr class starship.... and mn, this baby's UGLY.

The design actually reminds me a fair bit of the Terran Dominion / Confederacy Behemoth-class battlecruiser from Blizzard's StarCraft. But other'n that, if you want one, now's your chance.

- the Kid


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Federation Allegiance Class by VenerableDread

New Federation vessel built upon Klingon design. Like all Starfleet vessels, it is capable of exploration, but it is also heavily armed and armoured making it a deadly opponent in combat as well. Therethore, it is designed to combat against such threats as the Borg Collective, the Dominion and more recently the Reman Rebellion.

(It used to be called the Holocaust class but it is realized that the class name doesn't sound very Federation and it offended some people, so I changed the name completely. Otherwise, it's just the same ship.)

NOTE: Yes, I do know that the Federation are a group of attention whores when it comes to ship making but I can't resist just making one "little" ship for them... :(

1. Extract all files to their respective folders.

2. Find the file gui_global.spr in the sprites directory and add the lines in their
   respective places.

   Under Federation build buttons:
   b_fallegiance		gbfallegiance         	0	0	64	64

   Under Federation wireframes:
   fallegiancew1		FallegianceW		0	0	64	64

3. Find the file fyard2.odf and add the following under the last build item.
   buildItemX = "fallegiance"
   NOTE: X is the number after the last thing the Advanced Shipyard can build.

4. Find and edit all relevant techtree files and add the following lines in the
   respective files and their respective places., &
   // ***[ FEDERATION SHIPS ]**********************
   fallegiance.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf         // battleship (allegiance class)
   fallegiance.odf 0

5. Play the game as the Federation and remember, THIS IS SPARTAAA!

VenerableDread (me, duh), for making this fun little mod

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3 years ago by Lime Barker

with the Fek'lhr class skin on it look more like a X-Fek'lhr class!!


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