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This is a full race mod that serves as a sort of compilation of mash1971's previous work, as well as some fine stuff from beyond. There are...


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This is a full race mod that serves as a sort of compilation of mash1971's previous work, as well as some fine stuff from beyond. There are some really silly concepts in this one:

the year is 3101 peace reigns in the milky way and hippy liberal's are everywhere ,war is a thing of the past. still there are those who yearn for battle Using temporal technology starfleet has brought together some 30 + ships ,stations and weapons and sent them all including the earth itself back in time to the 24th century

Ships from Thunderbirds, Red Dwarf, and Stargate can be found here, along with FahreS' Concorde and a few others.

Please be careful when installing this mod since it seems like some of the folders are misspelled, and there may be other points that'll require discussion in the forum.... you can never be too careful when spell-checking your mods!

Lots of decent new mod stuff from other universes, all in this mod.

Worth a look.


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Download '' (37.37MB)



add all the files found in the alternate earth folders to their respective folders in your armada 2 directory


do not copy/paste the following files into your armada 2 directory.

just open each one and follow instructions. they can be opened with wordpad or notepad..

if you dont you will mess up your game.!!!!!!!!


found in the sprites folder

found in the tech tree folder

dynamic localized strings 


found in the main armada 2 folder


if you already have other races just put in "alternate" and number it 7,in your races.odf file

! do not use the one in the odf / other folder !

that should be it......


its been tested on xp pro and vista home premium both with patch 1,1 ,fleet ops patch 1.2.5 and 

the armada upgrade project ver 2.0 .

no major problems, although when the a.i. has built everything it can slow up the game a bit.

but when crushing your enemies theres bound to be some heat generated .

the machines used

xp pro system (the slow one)

p4 3.2 ghz ;1gb ram ;800 fsb ;128mb graphics ;sata 7200 rpm 160gb hdd

vista premium system

1.8 dual core ;2gb ram ;256mb graphics ;sata 5400 rpm 150gb hdd



new nano version(series 8)of the red dwarf with new texture and reduced poly count

white giant with new texture and reduced poly count

new weapons for thunderbirds ,red dwarf ,starbugs and wildfire,doop and starfleet ships

apologies for the earth model it has real pictures of earth for the texture and without photoshop this is the best i could get it



all ships, stations and weapons made or converted by mash 1971

non-mash ships courtesy of the following.

big thanks to to fahres for use of his excellent concorde and hangar mod

big thanks to avon  for use of the mighty liberator mod

to captain fingers for his constitution class refit version 5 mod

to captain fingers and seaquest 3062 for their enterprise B

to arthur c clarke ,stanley kubrick and admiral icehawk for the discovery one mod

to Chris5110uk2k for his voyager mod

to sony pictures, draconis_sharp, and admiral icehawk for the fa-37 mod

to wrath of khan for the nx-defiant mod

to activision/paramount/mad doc for the stock federation ships and stations

to gerry anderson and the team for the international rescue crafts 

to pagrin for the texture for  gerry anderson and companies  space 1999 eagle crafts

to bradley w smith for the texture for the makers of starfleet's  x bomber  

to grant naylor and the bbc for the red dwarf ,starbug ,bluemidget ,white giant and wildfire ships

to dejavu for the full spread phaser mod used in this mod

to n.a.s.a. for the earth textures

to cylon54 for the futurama ships

thanks everyone who answered my questions and left comments on my mods(positive and negative)

and to anyone i missed out sorry and special thanks to you

this mod has nothing to do with activision or paramount or anyone

feel free to do anything you want with this mod but fahres will need to be asked his permission

regarding the concorde and hangar i did 


!!!!!credit the other people mentioned above!!!!!!!


mash 1971

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