Alternate Temporal Rift Sound

This is a different Temporal Rift sound, that is much longer than the original. Good, but repetitive...


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This is a different Temporal Rift sound, that is much longer than the original. Good, but repetitive...

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Thank you for downloading my explosion wav file. 

This simple mod will replace the voice message "SPATIAL RIFT DETECTED" for the Cardassian and the Romulan super weapon missiles (dreadnaught and phoenix missiles) to an explosion sound that will last as long as the graphic effect. There seems to be no actual explosion file to replace, so replacing the voice file is the only option that I know of. There is no setting for species 8472. 

Copy/paste the file misexpl.wav into sounds/voiceover/ingame directory.

Open the events.dat file and search for:

	Sound <borg> "gvobcv02.wav"
	Sound <federation> "gvofcv02.wav"
	Sound <klingon> "gvokcv02.wav"
	Sound <romulan> "gvorcv02.wav"
	Sound <cardassian> "carev_spac_rift_det.wav"

Change the wav file name for the species of your choice (any or all) to "misexpl.wav". Save and close the file. That's it! The next time a Cardassian or Romulan super weapon missile detonates you will hear an explosion worthy of the destructive force released!

to uninstall the mod, change the events.dat file back to the original settings as noted above and delete the misexpl.wav file.

Comments: Because the voice files are being replaced, voice messages must be enabled to hear the explosion. Volume is constant and will not change when zooming in or out of the map (just like any voice message). You can change the volume by either changing the voice volume in the options menu or, if you have a wave editor, you can adjust the volume of the misexpl.wav file. I did make an attempt to make the volume consistent with the volume of the voice message and find it adequate in game play. 

Multiple explosions will not overlap. You will here the explosions one at a time (just as voice messages will not overlap). 

The sounds are from the actual game and some public domain explosion sounds from the internet. The credit I take is only in the mixing of the sounds. 

Legalese: Don't blame Activision if it doesn't work.


space man - [email protected]

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