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This beautiful version of the Ambassador class starship is based on LC Amaral's original, and as you can see, Jetfreak spared no detail in t...


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This beautiful version of the Ambassador class starship is based on LC Amaral's original, and as you can see, Jetfreak spared no detail in this model. I've been asking myself at least once a week, on average, for most of this year.... "how DOES Jetfreak do this so well so often!?" At this point, I'm half-convinced he's on some sort of model-enhancing drugs. No, don't tell me such things don't exist. Look at the work Jetfreak's done and tell me how it's possible without some sort of artificial boost.

The pics really tell you everything you need to know about this model and more, most notably that once again, the gold standard for quality mods in this community has been set, then exceeded, by our man Jetfreak.

Download this one for sure.


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Download '' (1.2MB)

Ambassador Class

- Initially, this Ambassador model was only available in Borg Incursion Vital Responses. The original model lacked proper lightmaps and I deceided to revamp the model. The final result is superb and Im quite satisfied with her. 

- The ship currently stands at 2200 polygons.

- A new Buildbutton and Admirals Log Picture has been included.

- The ship has been balanced to stock A2.


Model: Original model by LC Amaral. Rebuilt by Major Payne and further revamped by Dan1025 and K_merse
Textures: LC Amaral, edited by Jetfreak
Lightmapping: Dan1025
ODF: Jetfreak
Buildbutton and Admirals Log Picture: Jetfreak
Screenshots: Jetfreak

The Ambassador Class:

Introduced: Late 2320s
Ship type: Explorer
Length: 526m.
Major Conflits fought: Federation-Cardassian War of the 2350s and the Dominion War.

Introduced in the late 2320s, the Ambassador Class was designed as a replacement for the aging fleet of Excelsiors and Constellations which have been in service for over three decades. Starfleet engineers pushed the envelope of starship design at the time to create a perfect ship for the job. 
At the time of her launch, the Ambassador was Starfleets technological pride and the largest ship built to date. Today, she is still one of Starfleets mainline capital ships but is currently being replaced by the more capable Galaxy Class.

Notable Ships: 
USS Ambassador NCC-10521 - Class pathfinder and was the largest Federation ship at the time. Served in several major battles in the late 2340s and 2350s. 
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C - Served under Rachell Garrett and was lost with all hands in a battle with several Romulan ships. The fourth starship to bear the prestigous name.
USS Excalibur NCC-26517 - Assisted to form a Federation blockade during the Klingon Civil War. Still serves in front line service today.
USS Horatio NCC-10532 - Part of the first batch of Ambassador Class vessels constructed, the Horatio served under many crews but was later destroyed in 2364 after being infected by an alien parasite.
USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510 - Participated at the Battle of Wolf 359. It was later destroyed in the battle after several critical hits to the hull.
USS Zhukov NCC-26136 - One of the few remaining Ambassadors in active service, the Zhukov is often assigned on exploration and diplomatic missions.


1) Open the SOD Folder and put the fambassador.sod in the folder

2) Open the odf/ships Folder and put the fambassador.odf in the folder

3) Open the bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages Folder and put the fambassador.bmp in the folder

4) Open the Textures/RGB Folder and all TGA files in the folder

5) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fambassador.odf 1 fyard2.odf 

6) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fambassador 0

7) Open gui_global.spr located in the sprites folder and add the following line: (make sure that they are aligned properly)
b_fambassador gbfambassador 0 0 64 64

8) Open the odf/stations folder, open fyard2.odf and add the following line:
add under the list of builditems

buildItemX = "fambassador" ( The X stands for the next number on the list)

Thats it youre good to go! 
You can use this ship in any mod, just give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

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