Andorian Battle Pack



CruiserMiklon Class WarshipAndorian Imperial Shipyard (inc)Neroon: Roughly the size of the Romulan Seres, these small vessels are typically used in groups, as scouts or multi-hitting aggressors. Because of their size and agility, the Neroon type are often used to lay cover fire, whilst the larger and more powerful liners go in for the killing blow.Atlira: Based off the old Kumari design, the newer Atlira vessels have since been redefined. Equal in length to a Klingon Cha'nas , these custom cruisers are as agile as the Steamrunner and Norway of the Federation, and typically share the same common role as their former allied counterparts.Miklon: The latest design the Andorian Navy has to offer. Utilized as a front line combat vessel, and the Imperial Guards most powerful weapon. These Warships can hold their own against the might of a Klingon Vor'cha and even a D'Deridex Type Warbird, thanks to their heavy armour, and sleak design.


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