Arcadia Class

A nice version of the Arcadia that's a bit sharper than Chakotay's.


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A nice version of the Arcadia that's a bit sharper than Chakotay's.

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Arcadia Class with Torpedo launcher

well.. i saw this model on and i thought it would look great in ARMADA, so i converted it..
there is allready an arcadia made by chakotay a while ago...the arcadia in this file is compatible with chakotays..
so if you allready have an arcadia installed just copy the sod and textures...

copy all tga-files into your \textures\rgb  folder
copy all odf-files into your \odf\ships     folder

open your from \techtree folder

add following line:

farcadia.odf   0  

open your fyard.odf from \odf\stations  folder

and add following line under your build-item section..

builditemXX = "farcadia"

(replace XX with slot-number you want to build at )

open your gui_global.spr   from your \sprites  folder

go to federation buildbutton-section and add

b_farcadia  	gbfarcadia 	0	0	64	64   

goto wireframe-section  and add under:

# Wireframes
# ----------


# Ship Wireframes

following lines:

farcadiaw1            fwarcadia         40        0        40       40 
farcadiaw2            fwarcadia         0          40      40       40 
farcadiaw3            fwarcadia         40        40      40       40 
farcadiaw4            fwarcadia         80        0        40       40 
farcadiaw5            fwarcadia         0          0        40       40 


mesh and texture by  REDRAGON

ARMADA-conversion( Wireframe, BuildButton, odf and hps ) by APCMmkII

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