Arcadia Class

An excellent design by Bryan. It looks like a Premonition with a Intrepid-lke drive section. Nice job :)


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An excellent design by Bryan. It looks like a Premonition with a Intrepid-lke drive section. Nice job :)

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Arcadia class

** Statutory Warning **
This project is in no way affiliated, attached, or authorised by Activision, MadDOC Software, or any subsidaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to the aforementioned companies. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions concerning innapropriate usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any of the above parties with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files contained in the mod, as no support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and are dictacted by the standard terms governing its usage. This includes extrenuating circumstances in which 3rd party alteration to the included files may cause problems, or damage to the users system. In this case I, Major A Payne, cannot be held liable for such missuse, and will not provide any help or support in these matters.
** End Warning **

Vessel Details
Utilities Used: Max  Version 4 ( Model Kitbashing and texturing)
Mesh Build Time: Aproximately 1 weeks
Texture Application: Aproximately 1 hour
Poly Count: 988 final count

File Listing
This following is a list of the files which should come with this readme file. File structure has already been made, and the executable is ZIP compatible (this means that you may use WINZIP to unzip the exectuable file to a destination of your choice. Be warned also that the directory structure will not be maintained if manually unzipping the files).

Installation (manual)
Manual installation of this mod is done at your own peril. I neither will offer support of instructions on how this is achieved. My only advice is to check the file entries which have been made in ther necessary files and adapt them to your own needs, and BACKUP ALL FILES YOU CHANGE.

BMP files  = Go in folder : Bitmaps, Admiralslog, Shipimages
ODFS = farcadia.odf goes in  ODFS , Ships
SODS = SOD folder
TEXTURES =Texture, RGB folder

Enter the following lines in your and files

farcadia.odf   0

Enter the following lines in your gui_global.spr file under # Federation build buttons @reference=64

b_farcadia			gbfarcadia		0	0	64	64

And enter the following to Federation wireframes @reference=256

farcadiaw1			fedwire00		0	0	128	128

Uninstallation (manual)
Manual uninstallation will be difficult to do by editing the single files. However, as long as you remembered to back up any files you have changed then it will be a simply process of replacing those changed files with the backuped ones. Either that or a complete reinstallation of Armada 2 will be in order.

Credits Listing
Although I take credit for the construction of this model, additional credit goes to the following people:
Andy "Deemon" Johns: For the usage of the Galaxy Class nacelles used (I spent 3 hours trying to make a decent set with no luck) and for use of his Prometheus textures

Lord Bile: For the usage of the promtheus mesh.

Major A Payne : for useage of his Typhoon class carrier mesh which supplied the Galaxy class nacelles, and for his readme, which I altered to suit me J

I have included all necessary files for usage by standard rules which govern that should, you wish to re-release, or edit these files it is done in such a way that no profit will be gained in any way. This also includes releasing said material on displosable media such as 3.5" floppy disk, cdr/cdrw, writable DVD material or any other material which may be included in this.

Thankyou for your co-operation, and should you wish to give feedback, then please feel free to contact me on one of the following methods:

ICQ (UIN 121773618)

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