Ares Class

This is a beautiful ship that looks like a Prometheus variant at first glance. Surely one of APCM's best :)


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This is a beautiful ship that looks like a Prometheus variant at first glance. Surely one of APCM's best :)

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Download '' (1.81MB)

ARES Class by APCMmkII

there is three versions of the ship in this zip, two for a2..a high and a low poly version and an a1 version
the following install-instructions are for a2, the instructions for a1 are similiar, but you need to own odf-files for a1

to install just copy all folders from this zip into your armada-directory..
it won't change any files...
now rename weather fareshigh.sod or fareslow.sod( depends on which version you wanna use) to fares.sod and copy it into \sod directory..

this file contains a buildbutton, some weapon-buttons and one wireframe as you need to edit 
your of your  \sprites  -folder

search for the federation-buildbutton section and ad the followin line:
b_fares			gbfares		0	0	64	64

now seach for special-weapons button-sectio and all these lines:
B_farcloak			gbcloak00	0	0	64	64
b_atriphot			gbtriphot	0	0	64	64
b_atransphot			gbtranphot	0	0	64	64

now search for:

# Wireframes
# ----------


# Ship Wireframes

and add following lines:

faresw1            fwares         40        0        40       40 
faresw2            fwares         0          40      40       40 
faresw3            fwares         40        40      40       40 
faresw4            fwares         80        0        40       40 
faresw5            fwares         0          0        40       40 

no you have to open the from your \techtree - folder
and add these lines:

fares.odf       2 fupgrade.odf  fyard2.odf
atransphot.odf	1 fupgrade.odf
atriphot.odf	1 fresear2.odf
farcloak.odf	0

now open a fyard.odf, fyard2.odf, or fbase.odf (depends on where you want it to be build) 
and search for builditem-section
now add the following under the last entry
builditemXX = "fares"

(replace XX with a build-slot..that means if the last entry says buildbutton6 = "something"   replace XX with 7 )

the hardpointmap included in this zip shows just the weapon hardpoints, there are 33 hps at all


orignal Mesh by Roscoe McCord aka Marklar
downloaded from

Armada-Conversion by APCMmkII

please send any suggestions or questions to

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