Armada II Mod Selector



This allows you to switch between mods and keep you multiplayer game intact so that you can play online. Unfortunately, It requires a LOT of work on your end. You need to create a file to have the mod be assoicated and recognized with this tool, and it aint easy creating them, and pretty much no mod i've looked at had that file pre-made. If you don't mind the extra work, this tool is excellent. But, for me it requires too much work to be effective.



Armada II Mod Selector Help

This utility was created to help easily switch between mods, to help keep multiplayer games compatible.  Hopefully, it will work and people will like it.  If not, I'll still use it, and screw y'all.  :)

To use, select the mod you wish to install from the lists shown next to "Mod Name", and click on the green check box.  When you want to uninstall it, highlight that name in the Mod Name dropdown box, and click on the blue back arrow thingee.  

When you install, all the old files are saved into a directory called "Backup" in the same directory as your A2MS executable.  So, if you're not careful, you CAN overwrite the default files if you install more than one mod at a time.  When you uninstall, the files in the Backup directory that the mod's .a2m file called for will be put back in the install directory.

Anyways, unfortunately, I haven't put in either an automatic or graphic armada 2 finder, so you'll have to enter that directory in manually.

Have fun,

Skara Brae

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