Armada II Upgrade Project



Another new version of the Upgrade Project by Curtis & Freyr. It is said to be brilliant, and going from past work, I'd agree. Shame we don't have any pictures to show for this one, but I'd reccomend a download.

- Ash



Armada II Upgrade project 1.4 Release 1

Pack Information:

This pack contains retextured or highly enhanced graphics sets and loading/splash screen additions along with new planet sets,asteroids,etc..to install simply run the installer application and direct it to your main star trek armada II folder and install.


Borg texture set additions From the Star Trek The Next Generation Sketch Book The Movies with some enahancement/changes by me Curtis R.

Species 8472 by activision,mad doc,paramount with enahancements/changes by me Curtis R.

Cardassian retextures by Curtis R. originals by activision,mad doc,paramount.

Klingon retextures by Curtis R. originals by activision,mad doc,paramount.

Federation trade station retexture by Curtis R. using some textures from the dawnstar ship created by REDRAGON.

Nebula retexture created by Curtis R. using some textures from dawnstar ship created by REDRAGON.

Galaxy class retexture by Curtis R. using textures from dawn's galaxy class and REDRAGON's dawnstar class.

Federation colony ship retexture created by me using some textures from holoship created
by APCMmkII.

New Federation station by Curtis_R using stock and original textures.

Sovereign class retexture created by Curtis R. using the original stock textures from activision,mad doc,paramount.

Planets by Curtis R. using stock NASA images and other various web resources.

Weapon effect enhanements by freyr.

Backgrounds and new nebulas are original unedited files from the Space Transformation Pack.

This release contains a multiplayer starter map pack created by Triple.It is unedited and
in it's original form.

Final Note: The a2upgrade project is not endorsed nor supported in any way by the games
creators.It is an independent modification of the games stock files to enhance gameplay
while still remaining online/multiplayer compatible.

This pack has been run on one of the lowest end video cards a Riva 128 4mb card without hardly any slow down.So the larger texture files should be of no issue on processing power,etc...

Thanks to all who support the project and help keep Star Trek Armada II a thriving gaming

Curtis R.,Freyr and the entire A2UPGRADE team.

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