Armed Borg orbiter and new tech assimlator

This Borg pack includes new textures for the technology assim, and, if you download in the next 15 minutes we'll include an armed orbital s...


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This Borg pack includes new textures for the technology assim, and, if you download in the next 15 minutes we'll include an armed orbital station at no extra charge!

This file is part of a series, so the others are reccomended too! And, if you do download the entire set, the last is totally free!

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New Borg Textures Part 9
by Twitch-

The final stations of re-texture are the Tech Assimilation facility and there is an added Borg 
orbital station that is very well armed so you can do away with freighters mining metal.  It has the 
same auto assimilation beam used in other of my modded objects so it will not hurt to place it in the 
special weapons folder to overwrite if you already have it.

Depending on the planet the orbiter may not mine but will have full weapons.  This is rare.

The Borg construction ship will need to be altered to be able to build the station.  Put in 
the following:

buildItemx = "borbital" x is for the number in sequence.  I use just use the Fed build button
since it really doesn't matter.  Open gui_global.spr in the Sprites folder and add:

b_borbital                      gbforbital      0       0       64      64

Farther down in the Borg wireframe section add:

borbitalw1			fedwireframe07	0	0	48	48		
borbitalw2			fedwireframe07	48	0	48	48		
borbitalw3			fedwireframe07	96	0	48	48		
borbitalw4			fedwireframe07	144	0	48	48		
borbitalw5			fedwireframe07	192	0	48	48

Open you files in the Techtree folder and add just below the mine:

bmining.odf  0                                      // processing node
borbital.odf 0			                    // orbital processing

The Orbiter os cloaked also.  You can make it mine while cloaked by simply adding the following
line at the end of the gorbitalbeam.odf file:  CloakEnable = 1

The file is found in the Special Weapons folder.

Notice that some of the textures used in this mod will alter other Borg station/vessels looks.  
Hold on.  When all the Borg objects are uploaded they will all look just right so you'll need 
to get them all.  The Orbiter is a stand alone sharing no other .Tga files so if you want only
it, no other textures are changed by adding it.

NOTE: Borg sods often use parts from several textures so changing one affects other objects.

Back up these files in your games and drag these in from a temporary folder after unzipping.
You can use or mod these in any way you wish. Reverse the process to return to normal. I don't 
care about permission or credit- just have fun!





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