Armed Planet

This nice little mod gives planets surface weapons, that attack enemy starships :) it adds more depth to the game IMO. A nice feature.


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This nice little mod gives planets surface weapons, that attack enemy starships :) it adds more depth to the game IMO. A nice feature.

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Armed Planet
By Twitch –

Even though we have armed orbiters I felt there was something missing.  
Certainly a planet would have surface-based weapons of high power.  
The orbiters are fine once they orbit into position to fire but until then 
I felt surface weapons should exist.  People can use this basic example 
group of files to expand on armed planets.  A bunch of armed planets in a 
50,000x50,000 map  realy changes things.

I had a difficult time to get planets to have weapons.  First was the use 
of the Borg Sphere’s SOD with hardpoints scaled up.  I had to fool around 
with the enclosed files to get it all to work.  I’m still not certain if 
all the changes I made are absolutely necessary but it does work this way 
and affects nothing else.  The station.odf may not really help but it is enclosed.  
It has resource ability and range of site added.  The planet odf can over ride 
the station.odf on ones you may do.  The station.odf will give all your stations 
a long scan range and resources only if you designate it in the actual odf.  
So it will not hurt anything to include it then all stations will have long 
range scan ability.

The planet.odf is modified to allow weapons, alert, combat, have resources 
and partly give the planet a facility definition.  Only one phaser weapon 
will work but it will fire from each of its hardpoints.  Secondary phasers 
or torpedoes do not for some unknown reason.

I decided a planet phaser weapon should be long range and powerful to some 
extent but not too powerful. Base damage is 160 -about the same as artillery photons. 

The planet is scaled about Class K size.  Using the sphere sod you can experiment 
on other planet classes to how much bigger/smaller you will want to make the 
others but this is a start.

As you can see by the image the planet will see and fire at targets beyond your screen 
view 4,000 meters away on the screen. For small maps you may wantto make the weapon
range less.

Nothing else will be effected in the game using these files but back up your files 
before installing them and replace them with originals to go back to original form.

Use these files any way you wish- I don't care about credit- Have fun!






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