Armored Voyager Mod

This is version 4.0 of Armored Voyager Mod. All the new changes can be found in the readme. After Installation the ship is built from the S...


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This is version 4.0 of Armored Voyager Mod. All the new changes can be found in the readme. After Installation the ship is built from the Starbase.

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                                         Armored Voyager Mod v4.0

v4.0 I have fixed all buttons, and wireframes, I have also added a special transphasic torpedo weapon!!
 ļ - I have made one last minute update added on to v3, I have fixed the shield bug entirely. - ļ

v3.0. Now, the mod is nearly complete, there are still, of course, a few bugs to work out, for example sometimes the armor works like it should, and takes the amount of hitpoints distributed to the system choosen before it is destroyer, however, other times, the ship seems to be destroyed easily, I think it is that maybe one of the system disabling weapons is causin this, but sys_dmg said something about ¡§lifesupport bein destroyed an then it all goes to hell¡¨ or somethin like that. But, expect more updates, this is now complete with the delta flyer, I ¡§borrowed¡¨ the delta sod from some one, I included his readme, I also admit I was to lazy to do the slipstream my self, so I used the one from the dauntless mod, readme also added. But the delta flyer is launchin, makin attacks, then returnes, still no button for it, however spectre just gave me buttons for voyager to engage armor, as far as a build button goes, copy over the standard intrepid class¡¦s button if you want, until I get this all together. Some people requested that I make it easier to install, so this time I included both tech and spr files and but everything in its folder to copy over.

v2.0 I have finally completed an update for AVM, I have completed the texture, so now voyager looks armored. The next update I hope to have the bug in the shields worked out, then I plan to add sound effects, plus the slipstream and delta flyer docking.


1 voyager
2 armor
3 Sod files
4 Textures
4 Buttons!

You can forget this part¡K thanx to Gonwee  For an auto installer!! ƒº

	Simply copy all the folders over into your a2 directory and then pick a ship yard to add builditem# =  ¡§fvoy¡¨
Medium. (recommended, for if you all ready have a mod installed)
Copy every folder into a2 directory except sprites and techs then follow the hard instructions on where to ad lines to both tech and spr
1 Simply copy both garmor.odf and garmorre.odf and the slip stream files into the odf/special weapons folder and stick all things from the odf/other folder into your odf/other folder
2 copy fvoy.odf and fvoya.odf into odf/ships
(medium start here)
3 then go to the techtree folder, and click fulltech.
4 add

 a fvoy.odf  0

 b fvoya.odf  0

 c -to the first line

5 then go down a bit till you see g***.odf, right under it, add

 a garmor.odf 0

 b garmorre.odf 0

 c gdflyer.odf 0

 d slipstream.odf 0

(medium skip 7-9)
6 make sure you add fvoy.odf to one of the shipyards
7 copy fvoya and the fdelta sod into the Sod folder
8 and copy the voyarm1.tga and the other tga files into textures/rgb
9 copy the sound files in both sound/effects and sound/voiceover/ingame
10 then go to gui_global.spr and find the special weapons column (hard to find), add
 b_garmor            gbfarmour     0      0     64    64

b_garmorre          gbfnoarmour   0      0     64    64
 and that should be it.



this mod allows you to have voyager with armor

voyager now has armor, and can launch the delta flyer, fire transphasic torpedoes, and enter slip stream.

Spectre made the armor engage and retract buttons, and gave me the idea for the current delta flyer launcher
Sys_dmg also helped out with the original idea for the shields
Gonwee, who made the auto installer!!
-mr. greg- for providing you with the preview picture.
Also, the modders who made both the delta flyer, and the slipstream


1.	The only problem left is the weird way the deltaflyer flys, its venting something, and its phaser fire is invisible.

In v5 you can expect these to be corrected (I hope) and im thinking about makin it so when the armor is destroyed, voyager survives and can escape after the armor is destroyed.

	this mod is by

			ted h

If anyone has any suggestions to help me improve on this mod, or wants to comment about it,

note: you must play this on freetech unless you make modifications ¡Vforget this now, regular tech should work!!
If you wish to use this in your mod, please email me.

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