Asgard O'neill Class (Spoiler Warning)

From Mail:Please can you remind people when posting this ship that in england most poeple have only seen up to seasopn 8, we dont wan...


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From Mail:

Please can you remind people when posting this ship that in england most poeple have only seen up to seasopn 8, we dont want it spoiled for us. So i would aprechiate it if no one was to mentions ships and things that are in season 9 and 10 thanks.

So don't you people say you haven't been warned. ;)

Anyhow, a lovely ship here (much the same as the one that was uploaded yesterday, though in a pack with three others) - This one however appears to have better textures (though usually down to a matter of taste). Anyhow, enjoy ;)


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Asgard O'neill class v1.0

	TThe O'Neill class Mothership was the Asgard's last great hope for stopping the 
Replicators through conventional military action. It was a ship class specifically built to 
fight and defeat the replicators, designed with the most advanced technology the Asgard could 
build. Named after Jack O'Neill of SG1.

	- Add the oneil.odf to the /odf/ships folder
	- Add the oneil.sod to the /sod folder
	- Add all the tga's to the /textures/rgb folder
	- Add the oneil.bmp to /bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder
	- Add the following lines to sprites/gui_global.spr 
b_oneil			gboneil 	0	0	128	128 (if the buttons doesn't appear properly then change the last two numbers to 64)

(if you would like a white blob where the wireframe should be instead of nothing that add this line)
oneilw1			gboneil	0	0	128	128

	- Add the following line to techtree/ and fulltech

oneil.odf	0

	- Add the following line to the station that you wish your Daedalus class to be build from odf/stations/(station of choice).odf

buildItemX = "oneil"

remember to replace X with the next number in the sequence.

Mod Usage:
this moddle was Origanly created by 'mdcobbin'
I have converted it to sod format and lengthened the neck as a result of a suggestion ‘paulhanselluk’ made.
I have created a build button, odf, admirals log picture, and the weapon for it.  

Proof of permission! the email. NB. all email addresses have be asterisked.


On 19/03/06, ColdDarkParanoia <> wrote:

hi, im a modder for startrek armada 2, 

i'v recently come acoss you stargate mod for sfc3, and was wondering if you would give me plermision to convert and release the stargate moddle found in this mod package? 

I would give you all the credit of cources it's just we are vey thin of stargate moddle for a2, and i know lots of people that would love to see those ships in game. if you would rather i didn't convert them and realease them that cool, cos it your mod what you say goes :) 



thats fine u can convert them to a2. If you need any help let me no and ill see what i can do

if you would like to uses this ship in your mod you would have to contacked mdcobbin. i would also like my name credited with the conversion and creation of build button, odf and admirals log picture.

i can be reached at 

activision can't be held resonsible for these files ect.. you know the rest.

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