Assimilated Intrepid Class

An Borg Assimilated version of the Intrepid Class :)


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An Borg Assimilated version of the Intrepid Class :)

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Assimilated Intrepid Class Ship

	This is a good manuverable ship for the borg that held it's own against a Galaxy class ship when I 
	played earlier.  I increased the weapons for the intrepid class because Voyager always seemed like
	a pretty powerful ship.  Added some Borg and federation weapons as well as a tractor beam, and assimilation 
	beam.  Add this to your Borg shipyard and it will automatically have the textures.

	1. Unzip the files to where you can locate them easily
	2. Open your Armada II directory
	3. Place the sod file in the SOD directory, and the ODF file
	   in the ODF folder
	4. You'll want to open up your Techtree folder, then open fulltech. Add the line
		   bintrepid.odf 0    
	   Then save.
	5. Then open tech1 and add this line
		bintrepid.odf  1 byard2.odf			    // intrepid (assimilated ship)
	   to the borg ships part of tech1, then save.
	6. Open up the Sprites directory and open up gui_global. Find the part where it lists
	   the borg ships and add this line.
		b_bintrepid			gbintepid	0	0	64	64
	   then save.

	Any questions, comments, good or bad, drop me a line and let me know.

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