"Is this it?" I'm pretty sure that was said when the team of about 170 men and women from all across the world stepped through the Stargate...


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"Is this it?" I'm pretty sure that was said when the team of about 170 men and women from all across the world stepped through the Stargate on the other side in the city of Atlantis. What we have here is a recreation of the city of Atlantis, which albeit seems slightly weird that it is "flying" about in space, this station is capable of being able to build the Puddle Jumpers.

I do hope that more versions of this are released in the future as it does appear to have pretty mediocre textures especially in points where it looks almost "bold". This being said, the mesh has been very well re-created for a low poly job, so definite kudo's for that one. All round, another good CDP job, but I think there's been better, still, I'm sure some people will enjoy this a lot and you'll be able to re-create memorable parts from the series now.

Download if you want.

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Download '' (2.17MB)

Atlantis (The lost City of the Ancients) v1.0

The lost City of the Ancients. It has been abandoned by the Ancients
but left in perfect conditions due to being submerged during the siege from
the Wraith, which forced the Ancients to leave their city. Atlantis is equipped
with a powerful energy shield and armed with Dones!

Install the puddle jumper first
- Atlantis lunches puddle jumpers and so needs the puddle jumper instaled first

- Add the atlantis.odf to the /odf/ships folder
- Add the atlantis2.odf to the /odf/ship folder
- Add the satlantis.odf to the /odf/other folder
- Add the drone.odf, drone2.odf and drone3.odf to the odf/ weapons/Pulse folder
- Add the atlantis.sod to the /sod folder
- Add the water.tga, 404.tga and gbatlantis.tga to the /textures/rgb folder
- Add the drone.wav to the sounds/ effects folder
- Add the atlantis.bmp to /bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder
- Add the following lines to sprites/gui_global.spr 
b_atlantis gbatlantis 0 0 128 128 (if the buttons doesn't appear properly then change the last two numbers to 64)

(if you would like a white blob where the wireframe should be instead of nothing that add this line)
atlantisw1 gb404 0 0 128 128

- Add the following line to techtree/ and fulltech

atlantis.odf 0

- Add the following line to the station that you wish your DC- 404 class to be build from odf/stations/(station of choice).odf

buildItemX = "atlantis"

remember to replace X with the next number in the sequence.


- Add the drone.odf to the /odf/weapons/Pulse folder
- Add the drone2.odf to the /odf/weapons/Pulse folder
- Add the drone3.odf to the /odf/weapons/Pulse folder

Mod Usage:

this moddle was Origanly created by 'Me, ColdDarkParanoia'
I have created a build button, odf, admirals log picture, and the weapon for it. 

if you would like to uses this ship in your mod could you please contact me.
just remember to give me the credit where it is due :)

i can be reached at [email protected] 

activision can't be held resonsible for these files ect.. you know the rest.

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