Atlantis Class

The Atlantis Class starship.


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The Atlantis Class starship.

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Atlantis class by beginner 

Atlantis class light cruiser 

Install instructions

1. copy into armada directory 
2. add atlantis.odf to the tech file in techtree 
3. add 
buildItemX = "atlantis" to a shipyard (where X is the number that comes after the above number) 
4. play 
5. if anyone wants a build button i am sorry but you shall have to do it your self,
i can't make a buildbutton to save my life


1. these files are no way in conjunction witha ctivision it's affiliates, subdivions or parent companys

2. this looks good if built from a sanfransisco shipyard

3. this is the third ship released from my tmp mod


Major A. Payne and captain fingers should get the credit, all i did was kitbash the pride class which
was a kitbash of captain fingers constitution-class

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