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A ship for / from Bablyon 5, and a nice ship it is. Slightly different to the usual B5 ship scheme, with nice textures and model ;) - I thin...


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A ship for / from Bablyon 5, and a nice ship it is. Slightly different to the usual B5 ship scheme, with nice textures and model ;) - I think it's about time we had a seperate section for Babylon 5 ships, saves putting them in the "Others" category.


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Earth Alliance Warlock class heavy cruiser by EAS_Intrepid


1. Introduction and Copyright
2. Ship(s) icluded
3. Contents
4. Installation instruction

1. Introduction
This is my Earth Alliance Warlock class Advanced Destroyer. I made it some time ago, but never released it - until now. Please note that it is a Beta. It is possible that I do a complete version sometime, but right now that is not very likely.

What a Warlock is is stated in 2.) of this readme.


(C) by EAS_Intrepid;
YOU ARE ALLOWED to use these ship in your mod! Just contact me and write me that you do so. 
If you wish to modify the sods (that includes the textures) contact me and write me your idea. I will allow it in 99% of the cases. Just do me a favor: DO NOT CROSS THEM WITH SHADOW OR VORLON BIO ARMOUR.
IF you have better weapon textures and weapon odfs, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Send me them and release them!
IF you have critics or wishes, send me them, too.
contact: eas_intrepid(at)freenet(dot)de
Greetings from Germany!

2. Ship(s) included
EA Warlock class heavy cruiser
Mainly used after the end of the Civil War, this class has the capabilities to replace all aging Nova and Hyperion ships in service of Earthforce. Instead of replacing the Omega, the Warlock is there to complement it and fulfill massive shipkilling roles. The Warlock is considered as one of the most powerful ships of the younger races.

3. Contents:
EA_Warlock.sod 	 --> /sod
Warlock1.tga	 --> /textures/RGB
Warlock2.tga 	 --> /textures/RGB
Warlockname.tga  --> /textures/RGB
EA_Warlock.odf 	 --> /odf/ships
eaphys.odf       --> /odf/other


At first put all the files into the folders where they belong. Where that is can be found above at the Contents.

Open the fyard.odf and put these line into it:

buildItemX = "EA_Warlock"

The X is for the number of the ships in the file.
So when your last ship is &quot;fassault&quot; and it is stated >>buildItem7 = &quot;fassault&quot;<<, then the number that replaces the X is an 8.

when you did this, open the tech1.tt and put these lines into the federation ship section:

EA_Warlock.odf 0

If you want to use the ships in freetech, open freetech.tt and add these lines, too.

Now good hunting, Captain!

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