Bandein Class Battleship

This is the Bandein class from Star Ocean 3. The Bandein class is the most used ship in the Veendeni fleet and the only Veendeni Ship ever...


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This is the Bandein class from Star Ocean 3. The Bandein class is the most used ship in the Veendeni fleet and the only Veendeni Ship ever seen in Star Ocean 3. It packs quite a punch and should make for some heated battles with the Pangalactic Federation's Battleship.

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/*/ Bandein Class Battleship /*/


I am happy to present, after a very long time of working on this, the Bandein. For 
those who have played Star Ocean Till the End of Time this is the Veendeni 
battleship that appears on a regular basis to blow stuff up. As such the only ship 
ever seen to take one on was the Pangalactic Federation's Battleships. So, this 
little beauty is designed specifically to go head to head with that ship that I 
released a while ago. 

I do hope you all enjoy this ship as much as I enjoyed making it!

--=Armada 1 Installation=--

I can’t possibly leave my A1 fans hanging, so in this little pack is a replacement for 

the original ship released in the first version. Install is very easy. 

1. Copy and paste the rbattle.sod into the Armada 1 SOD folder.
2. Copy and paste the bandein.tga and banengine.tga into the Armada 1 texture/rgb 

3. copy and paste the rbattle.odf into the Armada 1 addon folder.

And you're done. Now this doesn't do anything for the build button or wireframe, but 

when Star Ocean 2.0 is released it will. Until then enjoy flying around in this 

much nicer version of the Bandein.

--=Armada 2 Installation=--

This installation takes a bit more work, but no worries; here are the step by step 

instructions to get her ingame. 

1. Moving the Files

	a. Copy and paste everything in the textures folder found in the A2 folder 

into your Armada 2 textures/rgb folder.
	b. Copy and paste the vbattle.sod file into your Armada 2 SOD folder.
	c. Copy and paste vbattle.odf into the odf/ships folder
	d. copy and paste everything from the special weapons folder into the 

odf/special_weapons folder in your Armada 2 directory.
	e. Copy and paste vdrphot.odf and vdrphotono.odf into the Armada 2 

ODF/weapons/photons folder.
	f. Copy and paste vdrpulse.odf and vdrpulseo.odf into the Armada 2 

ODF/weapons/pulse folder.

2. Editing Sprite Files

	a. First go into the sprites folder of your Armada 2 Directory and locate 

the gui_global.spr file and the weapon.spr file. Open them both.
	b. The first file we will edit is the weapons.spr file. Locate the following 


and after it, add the following:

	vphoton	        vphot	        0	0	32	32	@anim=tex4x4
	vpphaser	pfpulse1	0	32	128	32

Now locate the following line:
	# Species 8472 phaser (bio pulse)
	spphaser 	spphaser	0	0	150	64 @anim=spphaser_u 	

@anim=spphaser_v @tile_u

and after it, add the following:

	pylon		pylon		0	0	256	64	@anim=tex1x4
	c. Save and close the weapons.spr file.
	d. Now we move on to the gui_global.spr file. find the following line:

	# Federation build buttons

and add the following after it:

		b_vbattle	bandeinbb	0	0	128	128

Now find this line:

	# Special weapon buttons

and add the following after it:

	b_pylon		gbpylon		0	0	64	64

Now find this line:

	# Ship Wireframes

and add the following after it:

	vbattlew1	vbattlewf	0	0	128	128

	e. Save and close the gui_global.spr file. 

3. Editing ODF Files.

	a. Look in the ODF/stations folder for a suitable shipyard to build the 

Bandein from. (fyard.odf, fyard2.odf, kyard.odf, etc.) Open it up and look for the 


	//Construction Parameters

Below this will be a list like this:

	buildItem0 = "fscout"
	buildItem1 = "fdestroy2"
	buildItem2 = "fdestroy"
	buildItem3 = "fcolony"
	buildItem4 = "fcruise1"

at the end of this list add the following:
	buildItemX = "vbattle" (X is the next number in the list.)

Save and close the shipyard file you used. 

4. Editing the tech tree.

	a. Open up the techtree folder in your Armada 2 Directory and find the file. Open this file and locate the following line:
	// ***[ FEDERATION SHIPS ]************************

after it, add the following:

	vbattle.odf  0
	pylon.odf    0

save and close the file.

--=End of Instructions!=--

You have now completed installation of the Bandein class ship. Now all that's left 

to do is cause some destruction with it. Have fun!


The Mesh, textures and odf were all created by me, Adam_Atlantian.

Star Ocean is owned by Square-Enix.
Star Trek Armada 1 & 2 is owned by Activision.

Thanks to both for making great games.


All of the material in this mod can be used as long as credit is given.

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