Banshee Class

A nice agile vessal that packs a mean right hook. :) Good stuff.


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A nice agile vessal that packs a mean right hook. :) Good stuff.

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Banshee Class Readme

Banshee Class:   USS Banshee NCC97203
Tactical Detail: After the Dominion War ended Starfleet set about making a small compact but  powerful vessel that could be placed on immediate alert in times of possible danger. As a result this class has been put together and is special in several ways.

1) Its armaments are easily comparable to larger ships such as the Akira and Steamrunner.
2) The dual pylons on its rear are designed to disengage from the entire hull and a means to jettison the warp nacelles (a feature which is not apparent on any other starfleet vessel). Each pylon also houses a single warp core, which whilst being smaller than normal can still produce significant power. As a result the structural force field power is greatly higher than usual for a ship of its size.
3) The deflector housing also has four layers of additional shielding to prevent damage.
4) The twin torpedo launchers on the underside of saucer can be retrofitted to fire quantum torpedos instead and as such the Banshee class always carries around 30.

As it stands this class is one of the more advanced and capable classes in service at the current time.

Model Overview
Model:	 	Banshee Class
Poly Count:	1155 (medium count)
Type:		Scratch built low poly game model from CGI classed high poly model.
Build Time:	Around 2 days.
Texture Set:	5* 1024*1024/512*512 texture set.
Texture Source:	Constructed from renderings of the original high poly model.
Mesh Release:	Autodesk 3ds. Armada 1/2 cross compatible SOD format.

Original Model: Poly count approximately 57000 polys with fully integrated textures.
Mesh Release:	3d Max Studio v5.0

- Design, high poly model creation, original texture creation credited to Jay "NightShadow" Seals (original model distributed via the author only on Sci-Fi Meshes forum).
- Low poly model reproduction (approx 97% accurate to original model), created my Major A Payne.

This model has been recreated from the original high poly model with the permission of the original creator. Any instances that this model is to be used must have the above credits applied to them. This includes ANY images that the model is rendered with, or any further reconversion to ANY other format.

Please respect the people who bring these models to the games that they are made for as without their hard work, the games would last for a limited time. Plus its just being polite as well anyway. Any questions or queries then the creators can be contacted in the following ways:

- Jay "NightShadow" Seals: Email only ([email protected])
- Major A Payne: Email ([email protected]) ICQ (60839084)

Please do not abuse these email addres in any other way other than for appropriate feedback.

Thankyou for downloading and using this model.

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