Battlefleet Gothic (Imperial) Lunar Class Cruiser

I always like ships that are a bit different to the norm of Star Trek ships we get on here, something different obviously to put up and revi...


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I always like ships that are a bit different to the norm of Star Trek ships we get on here, something different obviously to put up and review, but I like the variety. This just further proves the point though that this game doesn't only support Star Trek play, but more on this later. What we have is a ship of the Imperial, from the hit-game Battlefleet Gothic, a spawn from the table-top game Warhammer 40K. The Imperial (of men) is one of the many races vying for planetary conquest along with the expansion of their empire in the futuristic universe. Call this a sample then of the game. It's a powerful one at that.

Don't be deceived however by the large amount of weapons that this ship has and believe me, it has a lot, however they've been fire-arc'd meaning wherever you attack this beast, it will fire 'something' at you at the very least (which, for note, I recommend attacking from the back, it's not quite as painful). The brilliance is, it's not all beams and cannons in one direction. The devastating forward rails will grill you if you wonder in front, whilst the barrage of pulses from the sides will get at your fleet. In short, this is a fleet buster. The ship it self does look really quite good, especially for a first attempt. Whilst not being fully in-the-know of BFG, I DO know this is pretty damn close to the original design, so a particular well done for that (as well as using advanced techniques with the weapons). Complete with wireframe and build button, this is a download for all your curious people out there and anybody else who likes to dabble a bit in the 40K universe. Sufficed to say, I recommend it.

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Star Trek Armada 2

Battlefleet Gothic
Imperial Lunar Class Cruiser
By ragnar603

Ok so to you people who wanted a Battlefleet Gothic ships and those who have no idea what this ship is or what its from, please take a look.

Battlefleet Gothic is a tabletop game set in the universe of Warhammer 40K, except instead of having men, you have the enormous ships that the races of 40K use. Its a great game, requiring some tactical skill to play. But it pays off when you laugh at your opponents burning wrecks ;)

This ship has been designed from scratch, by me, with the help of practically every modelling tutorial on this site. Those things really help, thanks guys =D

Also, its better if you put this on the formation menu 'circle', it looks more 'canon' and seems better =D

Contained within this:

Textures (ship, buildbutton and wireframe)
Sprites (for those who need them)

To install:
In your Armada 2 directory...

1. Copy all TGA's to Textures/RGB folder

2. Copy all SOD's to SOD folder

3. Copy aexp2.wav and battle035.wav to your sounds/effects folder

4. Copy flunar.odf to your ODF/Ships folder

5. Copy lphas.odf, lphaso.odf to your ODF/Weapons/Phaser folder

6. Copy lpulse.odf, lpulse2.odf, lpulseo.odf, lpulse2o.odf to your ODF/Weapons/Pulse folder

7. Go to your sprites folder, and open weapon.spr

#  Federation Pulse phaser
pphaser		wpulse		0	0	128	32

Add in the following lines:
lphaser         wpulse          0       0       42      32

Then under
# Federation phaser
fphaser		Wfedphaser	0	0	128	32	@anim=tex1x4

Add in the following lines:
wlunarphaser    wlunarphaser    0       0       128     32      @anim=tex1x4

Open gui_global.spr
Under Federation Build Buttons
b_fmining			gbfmining		0	0	64	64		
b_fsensor			gbfsensor		0	0	64	64	

and add above or below the whole list

b_flunar   			gbflunar 		0 	0 	64 	64

Now scroll down to 
# Federation wireframes


And add

flunarw1            		flunarwf      160     0      80      80
flunarw2            		flunarwf      0       80     80      80
flunarw3            		flunarwf      80      80     80      80
flunarw4            		flunarwf      80      0      80      80
flunarw5            		flunarwf      0       0      80      80

8. Go to techtree folder and open
Add under 
// ***[ FEDERATION SHIPS ]************************

flunar.odf  0

9. Go to techtree folder and open
Add anywhere (preferably the top)

flunar.odf  0

10. Now go to ODF/Stations and go to fyard2.odf (or whatever shipyard you are using)
and add under
buildItem0 = "ffrigate"
buildItem1 = "fgalaxy"
buildItem2 = "fspecial"
buildItem3 = "fbattle"
buildItem# = "flunar"
(With # being the next number like buildItem4,5,6 etc.)


For this mod, I give credit to
Admiral_Icehawk - For finding me some of the textures and offering to do the buildbutton =) (I still did it =P) + His many positive comments on the forums
TheJoelteon7 - Recommending tutorials to me
Fahres & =WiCKeD=-HARKER - WBS Tutorial
Epytron_Omega - Inspiring me to go from were he stopped =P
Adam_Atlantian - Helping me on hardpoint rotation. Also he made a great mod which I love =D
Tycoon - Giving ideas on Chaos ships for the future...look out...

Absolute Sound Effects Archive for battle035.wav
PartnersInRhyme for the aexp2.wav - The green metal texture

And finally
Games Workshop, for giving us such a great selection of tabletop games to play =D Especially Warhammer 40K and Battlefleet Gothic


All files included are for personal use only, and can not be bought or sold for profit. Neither can they be modified or edited without the permission of the Author. So please, use with fun and care ;)

Copyright Information

These models have not been made, distributed or supported by Activision, Games Workshop, Interplay nor Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All original designs are copyright Ā© Paramount Pictures.

Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer 40,000 and its supporting games are Registered Trademarks of Games Workshop.

No infringement of Paramount's or Games Workshop's copyrights is intended.



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