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Beyond the Wall

beyond_the_wall_v1_v2.zip —


Right! It has been nine solid days without a mod up on the site! and that would be down to too much Christmas pudding which makes us lazy and more seriously being caught up with other issues in the community, so without further delay it's time to get the mods back on track. There will be a few today to start us off on the track again, but first here we have a two map mod from Andyx100 called Beyond the Wall

The first map is a sizeable map which has an asteroid belt dividing it down through the centre in two halves. Both halves are identically mirrored so there is no real distinction between players having advantages over each other starting off. However there is a real strategically imperative wormhole that is the only means of getting across the "wall", expect some bloodshed for control of that "gate". Also there should be enough resources on the map to satisfy a long and drawn out fight if you are willing to fight a human player online with it!

The second map is a smaller map that has similarities to the first map. Again the map is divided by a wall of asteroids and the only way through the thick rock is via a wormhole. The wormhole is engulfed by nebula making movement, sight and combat all the more difficult. The map contains less resources than the first but should still provide a good arena to slug it out against some Cardassians :)




Read me 

Hi me again Andyx100 

These maps took me a while to create so i hope you like em.

Disclaimer: you can use and edit whenever you please but i you do repost an edited version 
then give me credit for the original creation.

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