Borg A1 Refit



This mod will replace all the ships and stations with their A1 versions.



 _______________________________________               _____________________________________________
(_______________________________________)Borg A1 Refit(_____________________________________________)
 /     \
|	|Author:	Omega1989
|	|
|	|E-mail Address:[email protected]
|	|
|	|Changed:	All Borg textures/sods that were in Armada 1 have been changed back to the
|	|		Armada 1 versions, except the Sphere and the Cube. Some ODFs were changed
|	|		too, to get the sizes right. The icons were also changed to the A1 ones.
|	|
|	|Version:	V 1.0
|	|
|	|Installation:	Just unzip borg_a1_refit.zip into your Armada II directory.
|	|
|	|Description:	When I first played A2 I was suprised that the Borg had changed so much. I
|	|		thought the A1 ones were much better, so I changed them, once I'd learnt how.
|	|		Hope you like the change.
|	|
|	|Bugs:		The shipyards take up much more build area than they do physicaly. If anyone
|	|		knows how to fix this or finds any other bugs please e-mail me.
|	|
|	|Legal Stuff:	You may not any part of this MOD without my permision, which can be obtained
|	|		through e-mail. You may post this MOD on your website as long as this readme
|	|		is included, though it would be nice if you sent me an e-mail to tell me.
|	|
|	|		Enjoy!

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