Borg Doomsday Facility

This is a very cool file. It will replace the Borg transwarp gate with The borg version of the Rommie's superweapon. No, not Romulan ale, b...


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This is a very cool file. It will replace the Borg transwarp gate with The borg version of the Rommie's superweapon. No, not Romulan ale, but the Phenoix construction yard. The borg ships constructed there are a converted version of the borg wedge from A1. They can cloak and use transwarp, easily giving the Borg the upper hand in logistics. Also, they produce a bigger boom. You will need some modding skill to properly install, but I think it is worth it.

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New Borg Textures Part 10
by Twitch-

Ok, I think the transwarp gate sucks big time.  So I made a Borg version of the Rom rift maker-
The Doomsday Facility. It effectively replaces the gate since the TGAs use the same names.  It's 
no loss.  This is much better!

Add it in the construction ship's build list buildItemx = "bdoom" x is the next number in
sequence on your ship's build list. It has new Borg texturing and uses the old A1 Borg Scout 
ship with new texture as its "Aloha" ship.  The yard and the Aloha can cloak and the ship has 
transwarp.  You can send in several cloaked and set them all off at once. Kaboom!  And the
Kaboom is larger now.

You need to edit your files to add the gbholeg.odf weapon at the end of the Borg special 
weapons like:

gtcubeintegrator.odf 1 bhub.odf                     // Tactical cube integrator (tactical)
gbholeg.odf          0

To add the station:

bupgrade.odf 1 bresear.odf                          // ship upgrade station
bdoom.odf    3 byard2.odf bresear2.odf bupgrade.odf // super (doomsday facility)

In the gui_global.spr add:

b_bdoom                         gbrsuperbl	0	0	64	64
b_aloha 			gbrsuper	0	0	64	64

This way the build buttons will be the same as the Rom ones.  Farther down add:

bdoomw1	        		romwireframe05	0	192	48	48		
bdoomw2	         		romwireframe05	48	192	48	48		
bdoomw3	           		romwireframe05	96	192	48	48		
bdoomw4	           		romwireframe05	144	192	48	48		
bdoomw5	        		romwireframe05	192	192	48	48


alohaw1	         		romwireframe02	0	96	48	48		
alohaw2	        		romwireframe02	48	96	48	48		
alohaw3			        romwireframe02	96	96	48	48		
alohaw4		        	romwireframe02	144	96	48	48		
alohaw5		        	romwireframe02	192	96	48	48

so the wireframes work

Notice that some of the textures used in this mod will alter other Borg station/vessels looks.  
Hold on.  When all the Borg objects are uploaded they will all look just right so you'll need 
to get them all.  The Orbiter is a stand alone sharing no other .Tga files so if you want only
it, no other textures are changed by adding it.

NOTE: Borg sods often use parts from several textures so changing one affects other objects.

Back up these files in your games and drag these in from a temporary folder after unzipping.
You can use or mod these in any way you wish. Reverse the process to return to normal. I don't 
care about permission or credit- just have fun!





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