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This is MaP's Borg Incursion 2 it adds tons of new ships and stations to the game. :rock: get this NOW!



BORG - Incursion 2

It has come to the attention of this community that there is currently several  programs which can be used to reverse convert the models used in Star trek Armada (and later Star Trek Armada 2, via a later version). One of these programs being Lithium UVMapper (later renamed/remade as Ultimate Unwrap 3D). It is requested that you refrain from any further reverse conversion, alteration, or otherwise defacement of models and/or textures contained in this  full version and previous beta releases which are not property of Maddoc Software or Activision. Any persons found out innapropriately using this program with the intent to carry out the above, for re-release without prior permission from those persons mentioned in the credits section of this readme will be subject to rules which currently gaurd deformation of character and copyright of personal material. The makers of these models offer no support on said reverse conversion of their work and will not substantiate claims that permission has been sort unless otherwise proven. You are also requested to include the appropriate credits (as detailed below) to the respective author for usage of said materials within your own mods, projects, alterations, other game mods (this includes but is not limited to the games listed below) without prior authorisation.

Further to this no part of this project may be resold for ANY kind of profit. This includes mounting said material onto blank CD-R/CDR-W media, without prior authorisation from all those whose names are listed in this readme. Failure to comply with this may result in criminal prosecution.

Thankyou for your cooperation in this matter.

All manner of Real Time Strategy (RTS) style gaming materials/files are included in the above statement listed as follows: 

Dark Reign (plus related patches, expansion packs)
Warzone 2100 (plus related patches)
Mechcommander (plus related patches, sequels, and upgrades)
Starcraft (plus related patches, and sequels)
Total Annihilation (plus related patches and upgrades)
Metal Fatigue (plus related patches)
Star Trek Dominion Wars (plus related patches)
Star Trek Armada (plus related patches and sequels)
Star Trek Bridge Commander (plus related patches and updates)
Mission Humanity
Submarine Titans (plus related patches)

(This also includes any titles not mentioned in the above list). Also included in this warning statement above are any and all types of software which have not been named within the above list.

This project is in no way affiliated, attached, or authorised by Activision, MadDOC Software, or any subsidaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to the aforementioned companies. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions concerning innapropriate usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any of the above parties with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files contained in the mod, as no support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and are dictacted by the standard terms governing its usage. This includes extrenuating circumstances in which 3rd party alteration to the included files may cause problems, or damage to the users system. In this case I, Major A Payne, cannot be held liable for such missuse, and will not provide any help or support in these matters. 

BORG:Incursion 2 (Story Line)
It has been a little over 2 years since the first Incursion by the Borg into Federation territory. In that time they laid waste to many of our colonies and were almost able to assimilate the entire federation. Had it not been for the combined efforts of the Federation, Klingon and Romulans they would have succeeded. However, now we face even more threats, within the area known as the "Bad Lands" then Borg are once more trying to gain a foothold over the Alpha Quadrant. This time there is more to loose and with the current war with the Cardassian and Dominion forces the major powers here are running very thin. Thankfully, a new race, known simply as "Species 8472" are giving the Borg a heavy run for their money, but what happens if the Borg loose...........

..............Only you can decide.

It is now with much pride I bring you the sequel to my project for Star Trek Armada 2. Simply entitled "BORG: Incursion 2", I invite you to kick some serious ass with all new additional and many replacement vessels and stations, spanning the original 6 races from Armada 2. New replacement planets are also included, and these, plus the replacement vessels will also enhance the single player aspect of the game, so what are you waiting for??

Please be advised that the BORG:Incursion 2 project is not to be confused with Storms project STAR TREK: After Earth, even though Storms project is set after mine.

Final Version Complete now includes the following (v3.0F):

- Extended side for the federation: Section 31 (see below for Extra Additions to the federation side).
- Extended side for the Borg: (AFC Mavrick suggested the name) Sector Operation Command (see below for list of changes/additions) .
- Extended side for the Cardassians: Obsidian Order and Dominion (see below for details of credits and additional ships stations).
- Extended side for the Klingons: Imperial Gaurd (see below for full credit details).
- Extended side for the Romulans: Tal Shiar (see below for full details).
- New planet textures to replace the original ones, and also several new planets: Many thanks to Rassilon for these (see below for additional details).
- Extended side for Species 8472: Nephilim (See below)
- Numerous ODF updates including more realistic weapons, and vessel stats: These have been added for the purposes of giving the project a bit of a kick. (adjustment of build times, and resource costs could effect the balance of the game significantly)
- Modified Nebula ODF files: Courtesy of Karl Truscott, these ODF files allow building inside some, but not all, of the nebula's.
- Updated Phaser and all torpedo textures: Courtesy of Captain Picard 2371.

Extra Additions

- New planet textures for the original  Armada 2 planets, plus several brand new ones (Class 'O' and Class 'Y'): Full credit goes to Rassilon for these. Animated texture maps, and replacement planets will auto-replace planets which are in single player campaigns and multiplayer/IA maps.
- Completely new loading Splash screen: Background image used with permission and with full credit to Andrew J Hodges (www.startrekaustralia.com). Borg Tactical Cube used (my own mesh, Texture courtesy of The Great One). Federation Galaxy and Nebula Classes (full credit to Deemon). Spacedock model/texture (courtesy of 9of Nine). Text alterations carried out with fonts from unknown source. "Activision" "Mad Doc Software" and "Paramount" logo's/text copyright to original creator (transferred from original splash screen).

- Akira, Steamrunner, Defiant, Sovereign, Nebula, Galaxy, Battle Section, Saucer section, Intrepid, Sabre and Prometheus: (All courtesy of Deemons modelling talents)
- Replacement Iwo Jima: Blitzkrieg Class (Derived from the SAO Homeworld project, Original model creator which the Blitzkrieg is kitbashed from is currently "unknown", Texture set courtesy of Zorg001, Kitbash of the Blitzkrieg courtesy of Mackie)
- Scorpian class dreadnought: Additional vessel (Original creation by RavenNX, and conversion to SFC/SFC2 by Lord Bile)
- Frigate vessel replacement: Ominous class (Originally released through Taldren forum and later converted to SOD format by Darkdrone. Further re-convertion to SOD by Major A Payne)
- Cargo vessel replacement: Unknown class (Half kitbash from Deemons Excelsior and half scratch built)
- Repair vessel replacement: Unknown class (can't remember where I got this from but I though it suited very well)
- Venture replacement: Prevaricate class (Original concept/model/textures created by David Highlander for Scifi-Art.com. Kitbashed from Deemons Nebula, Defiant and scrath built hull section)
- Excelsior Class: Additional vessel (Courtesy of 9 of nine. Texture and Mesh created by aforementioned artist)
- Miranda Class: Additional vessel (Mesh creation by Chakotay. Texture creation by Pneumonic81 with minor edit to fit mesh correctly)
- Guncutter Class: Additional vessel (Original Nakota model creation and concept: Courtesy of Gabriel "Mind Blip" Crown (www.blacktidestudios.com) Gun Cutter kitbash creation and concept: Courtesy of Hollis J Wood(http://www.darkdrone.perooz.com/UNIONE/works.htm) Sovereign Nacelles and Akira weapon pod: Courtesy of Andy "Deemon" Johns.)
- Federation Colony Vessel Replacement: Unknown Class (Kitbashed from Deemons excellent Oberth class vessel)
- Federation Trading Station: Replacement station (Total rebuild of original design, but with significant changes. Texture courtesy of 9ofNines Spacedock)

- Borg Cube, Borg Sphere, Borg Tactical Cube, Tactical Pyramid, Standard Pyramid, Scouting Cube, Pentragon, Transwarp Hub (reproduced/scratch built by me with textures provided by The Great One)
- A2 replaced vessels/stations (A1 versions of the Assimilator, Interceptor, Freighter, Construction Matrix, and Advanced Construction Matrix all retextured and added)
- A1 models added (Scout: added in as a second heavier destroyer, Omega Cube: added in as itself, Mama Cube: added in as itself, Borg Diamond: replaces A2 version after retexturing, Construction vessel: added in as a second construction vessel to build third Borg construction Matrix, Assimilation Turret: A1 sensor turret)
- Metal Assimilation Orbital, Transwarp Prototype, Nexus (All courtesy of Deemon)
- Deemons Tooth, Hentragon, Tentragon, Third Construction Yard (All courtesy of The Great One)

- Obsidian order vessels, Dominion Shipyard, Dominion construction vessel, Dominion Dreadnought (All courtesy of Deemon)
- Breen vessels, Dominion Base, Dominion battleship/destroyer (All A1 reconverted)
- Kimal X, Telkor and Hutet Classes (Models and textures used with permission from Michael Frederick (aka Zorg001))
- Sona additional vessels (Used with permission and courtesy of Dark Razer (Member of FGX Team))
- Jem'Hadar advanced destroyer (kitbashed Armada 1 Jem'Hadar Destroyer by me, with texture courtesy of The Great One)
- Jem Hadar Destroyer (Model and texture courtesy of The Great One)
- Dominion Scout (kitbashed by me using Deemons Dominion Construction vessel from the MP1.9se)

- Klingon Outpost (Kitbashed from stock model)
- K'Vor'Cha Class (Scratch built mesh by me. Texture from 9of Nines Neghvar)
- Voodieh, Replacement Vorcha, Ty'Go'Kor Station, Batleth Class (Courtesy of Deemon)
- Hegh'Ta Class (kitbashed from stock model)
- Klingon Gunboat, Vood'Leth (Courtesy of the E&F Project)
- Be'Nal, Bak'Tag, Hu'Tegh, Ko'Tol, Mak'Dar, Nook'Nena (Kitbashed from stock models)
- Ghos'QIH Class (Used with permission from Paal101, Texture maps created and provided by Kleotol)
- K'Tinga additional model (currently unknown source)
- Kleeve, Replacement Qeh'Ral Class (Courtesy of Cleeve (www.staryards.com))
- Korinar Class (Kitbashed from Cleeves KCX SFC model (Textures unchanged))
- BloodWing Class (Courtesy of Cleeve (www.staryards.com))
- Advanced Construction vessel (Original version courtesy from X-Treme 2 as created by Kleotol. Poly reduced version by me. (removal of Polys due to vessel type))

- Dtaris Class Warbird, Dverix Class Warbird (Dtaris mesh courtesy of Howedar, Dverix mesh courtesy of Thomasthecat, both model original textures creation by Dolpheonix (textures replaced with A2 warbird texture due to necessity))
- Replacement Orbital station (Altered Romulan HWP courtesy of the MP1.9se project, and Deemon)
- rcruise3.sod replacement, rcent.sod, rktinga.sod, rcruise.sod, and rbase2.sod (Models and textures used from E&F, Courtesy of Pneumonic81)
- Tal Shiar AST (Advanced Sensor Turret), Warbird, Destroyer, Cruiser, Scout, Battlecruiser, Medium Cruiser, Shipyard (All kitbashed from stock models by me. Textures altered to suit)
- Romulan Heavy Weapons Platform (Replaced with stock orbital station as its found to be more suitable for this role)
- Romulan Cargo vessel, Colony vessel, Freighter, Frigate (Replaced with kitbash models as I wasn't happy with the original versions)
- rtscru2.sod, rtsdread.sod, rconst2.sod (Original source unknown (stated in readme as being from Taldren). Original conversion to SOD by Darkdrone. Further re- conversion by me)
- rdestr.sod (Texture and model mesh created and used with permission from Terradyhne)

- All Nephilim ships and stations: Additional units (Used from the Wing Commander Invasion Project. Originally created for the Wing Commander series of games)
- Species 8472 heavy fighter, 8472 Tactical Battleship, 8472 Tactical Cruiser: Additional units (Kitbash of stock models, textures reapplied as necessary)

This project could not have been made without the aid and materials from the following people:

Deemon - Modeller and all round great person to know. Also responsible for the many kitbash models contained in this project. Without this mans models, and knowledge, the beta wouldn't have been released and I wouldn't know what I know today. Further credit to Deemon for the excellent  models and textures used to replace the canon federation stock vessels, which have been added.
Westworld - A good friend, and someone who has helped emenseley with all manner of things. Somewhat of an inspiration with his "Big Book Of Modelling".
The Great One - Ah where would my borg side be without this man!!! (Probably somewhat restricted). Thanks go to TGO for the texture usage for my Tactical cube and several other models.
Kleotol - Many, many thanks goes to Kleotol, for the usage of the advanced klingon construction vessel. After my making at least six failed attempts this model has to be included as a major necessity (the original version will be appearing in the X-Treme 2 project for Armada 2 - So keep your eyes open for its release!!).
Quevey - Another good friend who has given me more of a reason to continue and release this project (seems to be after the models!!!!).
Starforce2 - A most useful person to know, and also the person for some inspiration into one or two of the designs this project contains.

Credit also to the many people who have given me ideas, design scematics and other such information which has proved invaluable and most useful in my modding both Armada games. Credit also to those members of the Taldren Forums (Lord Bile (-LB-), Mind Blip and RavenNX, Zorg, Cleeve) for their help, permissions, and general patience  concerning all my questions.

It is to these people (and appologies if I've not mentioned you), that I give heartfelt thanks, and with that I'll say hope you enjoy playing my project as much as I have in making it!!!!   Have fun!!!

Be warned that whilst bug support is gtiven it will not be given to persons who subsequently alter the files contained in this project. Complaints and bug fixes of this kind will be ignored. This is considered as a friendly warning. However, if there are any bugs found then please use the email address located below and I'll do my upmost to sort out any problems.

Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact ICQ: UIN 60839084

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