Borg incursion: Vital Responses

It takes a good idea to make something. You'll be surprised what this can do. A simple machine we now take for granted, eg, a hoover, or a w...


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It takes a good idea to make something. You'll be surprised what this can do. A simple machine we now take for granted, eg, a hoover, or a washing machine. However, it takes good ideas to make something on this kinda of scale. Precisely, 14 month's worth of idea's. Think about that while you're downloading this mod (56kers, get your coffee on standby, stat)!

14 month's of effort in this case equals a heck of a lot of 0's and 1's. To what effect you ask? Every stock race has been thrown upside down, ripped apart and built again from scratch. Species 8472 have been waved goodbye, but with more ships and stations and Dominion ships added to the Cardassian side, quite honestly, who need's 'em? The latest models available to us, so standby, because I can tell you, I don't remember the last time I was this excited about a modification for A2! Scrolling through the admrial pic's, you can see, right from them, the quality we're talking about, which should be discussed a little bit.

-Tech-tree's have been reformatted to allow for a bit more thought. What do you want researching? What do you NEED researching? What wins first? -The newest designs, as mentioned above. We're talking about poly-reduced versions of favourite Bridge Commander and Starfleet Command 3 ships and stations. Remember as well, the old favourite's still being in there: Sovereign, Defiant, Warbird (two of 'em!), Negh'Var and a nasty looking Borg Cube surely set for assimilation. Jupiter station, classified Romulan bases, collossal Borg shipyards. -Ai that's been tested most recently, allowing for brilliant combat modes and some of the best action you can get, without even going online!

There are of course things people might not like. For example, scouting through the odf's, the Courageous, heavy escort (Federation), requires 448 seconds to be built. Well, in minutes, that's about 7 and a half. But at the cost of time we have balance, something which is thoroughly important. The new tech-tree's people may find too complicated or perhaps a little bit over the top. Again, these people I ask you to think about the hard-work that has been put into this.

Additionally, low-resolution textures can be obtained from here,;53797 if you want/need them. Also, please report any bugs/glitches/problems in this thread on gamingforums: The 1.1 patch which fixes reported bugs and glitches can also be found here,;55378

So, without further adue, I present to you the biggest mod, this side of 2006! Happy New Year, with this, I'm sure it'll be "out-of-this-frontier!"

(For your information, all credits are found after installation and they're pretty damn thorough!)

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BORG: Incursion - Vital Responses
This project is dedicated to my wife and daughter who have had to put up with me for the last 14 months while its been created. 

This project has been created as a complete upgrade to the original stock game. You will find around 85% of the original game to be changed with updated and additional models. The list is extensive and as such you will need to read the readme that accompanies the main project self installing executable file.

Good luck and enjoy!!

Major A Payne

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