Borg Tactical Cube Upgrade

A nice, more canon, Tactical Cube by Chris5110uk2k.


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A nice, more canon, Tactical Cube by Chris5110uk2k.

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Thanks for downloading My Borg Tactical Cube upgrade

Ok great thanks gos out to 'Major a Payne' whos SOD i used, thanks alot! the credit goes
to you...check out his mega mod at:

What i have done is basicly what i did before..upgraded the cubes to be more Cannon, heres
what the tac cube has
-New Texture
-New SOD
-New Weapons
-Cost more to build
-No Shields...just hull impacts like the Cannon

The Zip file has been set up to extract directly into the correct folders so simply extract 
the winzip file to your default Armada directry

Whats replaced:
-Weapon ODF files (Borg battle Photons and Phasers)
-Original Tactical Borg Cube ODF
-Original Tactical Borg Cube SOD
-Original Tactical Borg Cube Textures
-Original Tactical Borg Weapon textures

Thats all i think

(any problems or suggestions e-mail me at

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