Borg Transwarp Hub map

This is a map of the Borg Transwarp hub..


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This is a map of the Borg Transwarp hub..

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This is my first map i made for Armada 2; i tried to base it on the 
Borg Transwarp Hub as seen in the Voyager 'Endgame' episode.  The hub 
doesnt belong to any player as i thought it would give that team an 
unrully advantage.  The federation are team 1 at the bottom left 
and the borg are team 2 inside the nebula.  There are a couple of 
planets dotted around along with a wormhole going into the federation 
base.  Please Give Me Some FEEDBACK!

Just unzip into a temporary folder and then copy the files into the 
main 'bzn' folder in the game directory.

Map by James Poole.

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