Breaker Rift map

This is the Breaker Rift map by Chris Edmund.


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This is the Breaker Rift map by Chris Edmund.

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----------------------------Breaker Rift--------------------------------

My name : Chris Edmund

Age : 16

Email: [email protected]

Number of players : 8 

Requirements : Star Trek Armarda II mod :

Birth of the Federation part 1 Version 1.0

(the BOTF mod that is not on Armada2files)

Install : place the 3 files (in the bnz folder) into 

C:/program files/Activision/Star Trek Armarda II/bnz 

Then Run the game in instant action or multi player 

It should be under the 8 player maps secation

Info about map : this map is supposed to represent 

the breaker rift form Star Trek Elite Force 2

The Atrixians have 20 worlds

(about 20 worlds included)

Dilitieum moons form normal to infanent 

a few scatered Resorce nebulas, 

balck holes 

Gammon type stars

I hope you like this 


for downloading

Chris Edmund

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