Breen Deathstar

This is another deathstar for the Breen race. It is made to use the Dom. Ult. Breen addon mod, but can be used without using a little odf ed...


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This is another deathstar for the Breen race. It is made to use the Dom. Ult. Breen addon mod, but can be used without using a little odf editing. I really can't think of any other major race deathstar for Twich to make, so we'll just have to see what else he has up his sleeve.

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Breen Deathstar
by Twitch-

With all the small-scale ships in A2 I thought it was a good idea to make something large for 
each race. This is a more advanced mod in that some file editing is needed.  To include the 
needed files is pointless since most folks have other stuff in these files that they've modded 
already. They can be edited as below using Notepad or Wordpad.

Having already done Deathstars for the 6 standard races plus the Dominion and Ferengi, I decided 
to make a Deathstar for the Breen too.

The Deathstars have Borg battleship physics and can attack planets. Being that a sphere is the
perfect shape for space- always having the same frontal area no matter which way it faces- I
chose it keeping in mind the old Star Wars concept. Planetoid-sized ships are easy to find in 
the game and don't get lost in the clutter.

Being "shipyard//constructionrig" class they will not accept repair commands and will usually 
become uncontrollable going in circles until given a new command. In the previous version you 
had to beam aboard more crew. In this version I made them "facilities" so they can simply recrew 
like stations with a button when used by the player. If the AI takes one over they attempt to 
tell it to repair and it will usually just go in circles but will still defend itself.  
Unfortunately the AI is not smart enough to simply recrew. The ability to construct a repair ship
helps things but repair ships can't remove mines.

The Deathstar keeps the ships it builds close via the alwaysrecomputerallypoint command 
instead of them returning to the main base.

The Breen Deathstar has weapons and a build list keeping with the Dominion Ultimate Breen add-on 
mod by STGamerNew2002/STGamer2003.

The Deathstar's build list has a repair vessel, assault ship, battleship, construction ship, 
scout and cruiser. The AI will build the battleship mostly.

Technically you need the Dominion Ultimate Breen mod for the Breen Deathstar to work.  If you
edit the odf with standard in-game weapons and other build items you can use the sod and tga 
and have the thing built by any race.  I'm including the weapons+ one special weapon- so go 
from there. 

Here's what the files are.  Odfs to odf/ships, weapons-phaser-photon-pulse, special weapons, 
sod to /sod, tga to textures/rgb.


ODF/special weapons





brdeath.tga - 512 x 256 size
nova.tga, nova_2.tga, novaA.tga, novaA_2.tga, gbbnovabre.tga, gbzw.tga


To make it build you'll have to add it to the Breen yard2 build list as the next build item with
the next sequential number like:

buildItem5 = "brstar"

The ship's build button is that of the Borg Sphere. To make the build button work open 
gui_global.spr in the Sprites folder and edit with Notepad or Wordpad at the end of the Breen


b_brstar                        gbbcruise1              0       0       64      64

For the wireframe to show the Borg Sphere as the Deathstar's you must edit the giu_global.spr 
files in the Sprites folder.  Below is an example to use the sphere wireframe for the Brstar.  
Just put it at the end of the Breen ships.    

brstarw1			borgwireframe01	0	96	48	48		
brstarw2			borgwireframe01	48	96	48	48		
brstarw3			borgwireframe01	96	96	48	48		
brstarw4			borgwireframe01	144	96	48	48		
brstarw5			borgwireframe01	192	96	48	48

To use the special weapons buttons edit the section & add the following lines anywhere-
# Special weapon buttons

b_zw1				gbzw			0	0	64	64
b_brNovaphas		        gbbnovabre		0	0	64	64

Open your and any other .tt files like and so on and add at the 
end of the Breen ships:

brsuper.odf    1 br_superbl.odf          		// super (dreadnought missile)
Cbrbattle.odf  2 bryard2.odf br_upgrade.odf            // Thot Gor ship
brstar.odf     2 bryard.odf bryard2.odf                // Deathstar

Under Breen special weapons:
brNovaphas.odf  0
zw1.odf         0

The zw1 temporal weapon is researched by Breen pod 6 in the add-on but just add as seen above 
if you don't have the mod.

If you want the AI to build the ship you must edit the 5 .AIP files Breen_build_list.aip, 
Breen_defensive_list.aip, Breen_endgame_list.aip, Breen_instant_action_build_list.aip & 
Breen_offensive_list.aip like:
	// Phase III. Advanced Shipyard

	"bryard2",		1,0, -1,  3,	// advanced shipyard
	"br_cruise1", 	2,0, -1, -3,	// attack cruiser
	"br_cruise2", 	2,0, -1, -3,	// escort cruiser
	"brbattle",		3,0, -1, -3,	// battleship
	"brbattle",		3,0, -1, -4,	// battleship
	"br_orbital", 	1,0,  2,  0,	// third orbital processing facility
	"brmining",		1,3,  2,  0,	// third mining station
	"brepod2",   	1,0, -1,  0,      // Shield Disruptor Pod
	"brbattle",		3,0, -1, -4,	// battleship
        "brstar",        1,0, -1,  0,  // Deathstar (Battleship)

You could place the ship at the end of the Phase IV Advanced Research section also.

Be sure to back up any files you edit 1st!!  Remove the above files to delete the mod.
Make any changes you want and use them in any way you want- I don't care about credit- just 
have fun!

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