Build, then Mine a Planet (M Class) by the looks of this.



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Build, then Mine a Planet (M Class) by the looks of this.


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This is a planet full of metal. You can add it to the Nexum Class or S31 Construction Vessel or any Construction ship U like!

I like Earth so I have given it Earth textures but you can have any planet you like with a bit of modding.

The amount is akin to a Class M planet (which Earth is) and when it's gone, you can just decommission and build it back! 
Comes in handy for when you need a metal boost. Also attracts AI frieghters (providing there's not a Class D that's closer)

Mine in peace, as you can put the resource where U like, rather than have to go to it!

To install: Place files into the right folders, opening your Armada II directory.

Place fmetal and fmining odfs into ArmadaII/odf/stations.
Place freight.odf into odf/ships.
Place sod into SOD folder
Place tgas into Textures/RGB.

Find techtree folder and locate, open and add after last Fed station:

fmetal.odf 2	fyard2.odf fresear2.odf		// metal maker (align if needed)

Save and close and locate, open and after last Fed entry add:

fmetal.odf 0

Save and close and then go back to main directory and locate the Sprite folder, find gui_global and after the last Fed entry

b_fmetal		gbfmet		0	0	64	64 (align if needed)

Then after last Fed wireframes add:

fmetal		podwireframe03	144	96	48	48 (align if needed)

Now you can build your own metal resource! You'll need frieghters as orbital stations can't orbit this. (It uses the
cargo ship has the class label to show the resource bar - which will go down as the metal is mined)

I have included an odf to modify the Federation frieghter and mining station to process metal. This will overwrite existing
files (fmining & ffrieght) so back up your own files!


Full credits to Activision, I just tweaked what was already there to mine metal from a planet that's buildable!! I finally
worked out how to do it!!


([email protected])

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