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A small file here, and it doesn't actually do much, though it is a nice change and is a little something. Afterall, it is the small files that have made the bigger productions ;)

What this is, is, well... You all know when you build stuff, you get a nice Green / Red square around the building (depends on whether or not you are trying to build where your allowed too). Anyway, this changes that slightly. :)

- Ash



The Build Icon Mod By Freakman


Hey guys. For those that don't know what this mod does, I'm gonna give

a brief description. This mod changes the picture below the station

that you are trying to build. I have only changed the red icon because

I thought it looked a little too plain. You can choose between two

versions of the mod. Version one has the cross bar added to the icon

and the alternate version is just the X for those that think I went a

little too far with the cross bar. Textures were all done by

myself and I did not copy from anyone unless you drew a better X

than me and for that I'm sorry :)


To install:

First back-up your original MBuild.tga, MBuild_1.tga, & MBuild_2.tga

textures to a different folder in case you don't like my textures.

Then unzip the zip file to a blank folder or to your desktop. You will

find two folders. The "Textures" folder contains the MBuild.tga files

that have a cross bar on the red icon and the "Alternate" folder will

have the toned down version of the MBuild.tga textures without the

crossbar. Simply drag whichever folder to your main Armada II folder

wherever it happens to be in and enjoy your new station building icon!


This was a 20 minute mod and I think it looks okay. Yes I'm a newb and

this IS my first mod so it does look a little simple.

As usual, if you want to use my mod in any of your own mods, please ask

permission by e-mailing me at [email protected]

Thanks for downloading the mod and I hope you enjoy it.


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