Capture the Base

A 2 player map by Kardon, looks interesting.


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A 2 player map by Kardon, looks interesting.

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Map Name: Capture The Base
Players: 4
Made By: Kardon

Installing - extract the zip file into C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn or where ever your armada2\bzn folder is

This map has 2 teams that must defend their hero station, the bottem corner has the Borg Transwarp Conduit and the top corner has Starfleet HQ, because Starfleet HQ can shoot and it takes up less room i gave it slightly lower shields, following the storyline the transwarp portal is in a tachion nebula, thus, to make more room i enlarged the bottem base There are 4 starting locations, 2 in one base, 2 in the other. In each base there is a ring of latinum around a J-class planet and several other planets nearby, there are a few dilithium moons near you as well. I tried to make the middle as random as possable.

Have Fun, especially with the wormholes ;)

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