Cardassian Heavy starbase

this is a Cardassian Heavy starbase


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this is a Cardassian Heavy starbase

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Download '' (1.21MB)

Cardassian Heavy starbase by Wrath of Achilles.

Texture and mesh made by me as requested by Major A Payne.

Install instruction

all files are in correct folders so you can copy and paste the folders
to your armada 2 directory.

add this line to your gu_global.spr under cardassian build buttons

b_cbase2			gbcbase2		0	0	64	64

add this line to your tech tree

cbase2.odf    0                                     // starbase

add this line to your cconst.odf at the bottom of the build list

buildItem13 = "cbase2"

ready to run :)

Custom weapon set is included and as it stands it can build a few combat ships

This mod is not made by activision/maddoc/paramount pictures.
Use at your own risk, if you have a problem with this then dont use the files.
feel free to use this mod as part of your own mod with correct credit.

if it dont work gimme a shout

[email protected]

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Wrath of Achilles

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Achilles is something of a large figure in the Armada community, providing an onslaught of striclty non-Federation models and complete conversions to add not just variety, but quality to the game.<...

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