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Part of Major Payne's bundle pack located here,;57245 , this is recomme...


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Part of Major Payne's bundle pack located here,;57245 , this is recommended for 56k-ers. For further details, please check the above link.

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Download 'federation_cardiff_class.rar' (1.08MB)

Federation Cardiff Class
Designed to take station on the edge of the Neutral Zone and eavesdrop on Romulan communications. The Cardiff is fitted with a Vulcan-style annular warp drive and two massive sensor pods occupy the space normally taken by a Federation starship's warp nacelles.

Mesh Details

Poly Count:	2412
Built Time:	6-7 hours Aprox
Texture Set:	4 high detail (512*512) Truevision tarGA image files.

criticals-	hp01 to hp19
phaser-		hp20 to hp42
torp-		hp43 and hp44
tractor-	hp45 and hp46

- Original design and concept done by Paul Lloyd ([email protected]). Shown through website.
- This low poly model created by Major A Payne using the above reference material. Ambassador textures originally created by Rick "Pneumonic81" Knox and applied as necessary.
- ODF editing by Joelteon7 and SuperStarAsh
- Admiral's Pic made by Joelteon7

You download this model and its associated texture files with the following understanding:
1) That you will not distribute any part of this zip in any capacity for any means of profit.
2) That you will refrain from editing any part of the mesh and/or textures without permission from the original creator of this work.
3) Any image usage or reconversions/additional usage will carry the above credits.

If you are agreeable to these points the feel free to use this. If not then you are politely asked to remove it from your pc.

In the event of any necessary contact then please use the following methods:
- EMAIL: [email protected]
- ICQ: UIN60839084

Thankyou for downloading this release.

Major A Payne

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