Centaur Class

This ship made an oh-so breif appearance in DS9, but was an interesting design. Paperstreetsoap's rendition is an almost carbon copy, and d...


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This ship made an oh-so breif appearance in DS9, but was an interesting design. Paperstreetsoap's rendition is an almost carbon copy, and definetly worth a download :)

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Download 'centaurbypaperstreetsoap.zip' (2.65MB)

Federation Centaur Class  for Armada 2 by Paperstreetsoap


This zip archive is being distributed as FREEWARE,  meaning  I  hold  the
copyright to my work. This Mod/Model may not be used for commercial purposes.


I am allowing other modders to use it in their mod projects as long as you
give me credit for my work and contact me first. If you want to UPLOAD it 
to your WEBSITE you will need my WRITTEN PERMISSION!

This text file may NOT be removed,changed,or altered from this archive.

I do NOT allow anyone to alter my model!

Copyright 2002 by Paperstreetsoap

Star Trek, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voy and all related indicia are copyright of Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek Armada1 and 2 are copyright of Activision.


Modelname: Centaur Class

Install Instructions:Yes



Texture:Yes(highres textures 512*512, if you have a low end graphic card you won't be able to use the ship, but you can convert them to 256*256, but of course with visual loss)


All made by Paperstreetsoap


Ex-Astris and Christopher Skaggs, for his "star trek the magazine" centaur scans.

Twitch, for his Shipnames i used in the odf.


/Installation(skip this if you are an experienced modder)

1. Copy Files
Copy fcentaur.odf file to odf\ships dir

Copy fcentaur.sod file to Sod dir

Copy *.tga files to Textures\Rgb dir

2. Edit the techtree
Now, go into the techtree dir and open the file tech1.tt with a text based editor(notepad will do)

Insert this line:

fcentaur.odf  1 fyard.odf

and save the file. 

This is only for standard play mode, if you want the ship in other play modes just edit the other techtree files.

3. Edit the gui_global.spr (this for the wireframe and the buildbutton)
Go to the sprites dir and open the gui_global.spr with a text based editor(notepad)

scroll down to

# Federation build buttons

and add at:



b_fcentaur			gbfcentaur		0	0	64	64

Now scroll down to

# Federation wireframes


and add this:

fcentaurw1			fcentwireframe	0	0	48	48		
fcentaurw2			fcentwireframe	48	0	48	48		
fcentaurw3			fcentwireframe	96	0	48	48		
fcentaurw4			fcentwireframe	144	0	48	48		
fcentaurw5			fcentwireframe	192	0	48	48

Save your file

4. Odf work

Go into the odf\stations directory and open the file fyard.odf


//Construction Parameters

add this

buildItemX = "fcentaur"

X is the builditem slot number in the game, so you can choose in which slot it should be.

Save the file


Last notes:

It is up to you to balance the ship to fit your needs.

It depends on what kind of mod you got installed(i use it at the moment in a fresh armada2 install)


Contact Information:



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