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The pride of the future of Starfleet, the Century class starships is a medium sized cruiser / explorer from the same lineage as the Intrepid...


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The pride of the future of Starfleet, the Century class starships is a medium sized cruiser / explorer from the same lineage as the Intrepid and Sovereign designs. She combines the sleek elegance of the Enterprise-E with elements from the design of newer ships like the Nova and Intrepid. The result, designed originally for Bridge Commander, has been a vessel long-coveted for Armada II. And now, thanks to k_merse, that ship is finally ours for the modding.

Be forewarned, though: The poly count is a bit high (~6800). And the textures are monstrously huge. All of which spells "slowdown" if you're not paying close attention or if you're running a computer older than a certain age. Scale down the textures if you need to, 'cause otherwise things might get a little choppy if you put too many of these out in space.

However, in game, she handles beautifully. The understated grace of this design is all too copiously evident. It's like poetry with warp engines.

Oh, and she's more than capably armed to deal with anything that gets in her way. No doubt some of you will be looking to upgrade her weapons straight away.

Best of all, this is the complete package. Newer style of build button, high-resolution wireframe, a nice Admiral's Log pic.... all in a self-installer.

I give k_merse top marks across the board here. I'm sure you'll find it's well-deserved. The only complaint I can offer is the presence of the registry on the hull, since I know some here like their registry-free starships (for spamming purposes). For those of us with high-end machines, the bigger textures will no doubt be appreciated. But maybe a 'low' texture variant might be a good thing to consider for those who can't re-size 'em....

This is as close to a centrefold as we're ever going to offer here at A2Files. So take a good long look at this beauty. And download it NOW.

- the Kid


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Download 'century_class.zip' (1.78MB)

          |Federation Century Class Cruiser|
          |           by k_merse           |
However at first the Century looks like a kitbash of an Intrepid and a Nova Class, her ancestors are much more older: the Lexington and the Renaissance Classes. Just like her predecessors the Century is also the small sister of the actual strongest class of the Starfleet, the Sovereign. Her size is about the size of the Intrepid.
The Century is perfect for space exploration and support missions.

Simply use the installer. The installer will overwrite your all previous mod so make a backup from your files! If you don't want to lose your own modifications, install the ship in a different directory and put the ship into the game manually.

The ship uses only basic Armada 2 files. You don't need any additional files for playing the ship.

The pack also contains a buildbutton an Admirals Log image and a wireframe.
This is a high poly ship, poly count is about 6800 so it could effect lag on older machines.

Original Model Design: DJ Curtis for Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Original Textures: DJ Curtis
Armada 2 Model Design: k_merse
Edited Textures: k_merse
Buildbutton, wireframe, ad.log image, .odf file: k_merse

Thanks for Mayor A. Payne for the SOD tutorial and DJ Courtis for the textures.

Please do not modify or include in a mod neither the ship nor the other files without my permission!

You can contact me via e-mai (k.merseATgmailDOTcom) or on MSN (psymanATfreemailDOThu).


Star Trek, Star Trek: Armada, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All original designs are copyright Ā© Paramount Pictures.
No infringement of Paramount's copyrights is intended.

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