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The Sovereign class starship represented a major departure for Star Trek and the Enterprise. First appearing in First Contact as the Enterpr...


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The Sovereign class starship represented a major departure for Star Trek and the Enterprise. First appearing in First Contact as the Enterprise-E, the Sovereign class was clearly established to have incorporated design features from most, if not all, of its predecessors, notably the Excelsior and Constitution class designs. Yet she stood apart. If the Excelsior was intended at the time as a sort of early model Ford Mustang, and the Galaxy class as a high-end SUV, the Sovereign made herself the Ferrari on the lot.

The ambitious design made itself great with its appearances in Insurrection and Nemesis (hopefully it was insured) as the Enterprise, but also in the game Bridge Commander as the USS Sovereign. Of course, we've seen them by the thousands in Armada, sometimes in lame "Sovvy rushes". But I'd be hard-pressed to remember a time, or a model, in A2 when the best starship that the Federation has to offer looked quite THIS nice.

This model is Jetfreak's conversion of the well-known CG Sovereign from BC. It offers some nice features, notably a brighter hull, full speculars, and less poly than the P81 model of old. While some parts of it might rankle the true Sov worshipers among us (for example, I swear this model has headlights coming from just below the bridge), the fact is, it's the finest model of a truly fine starship that we've yet seen. It's days like this that I love being part of this community, 'cause it's SO good to see something this beautiful come to life.

I highly recommend that you download this one right now, 'cause it looks spectacular. Jetfreak has shown us some truly fantastic work in the past, mostly via PotD submissions. I think I speak for all of us when I say to Jetfreak, "shine on, you crazy diamond".


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CG Sovereign Class

- Apparently, Major Payne converted and rebulit the CG Sovereign mesh a few years back for Borg Incursion: Vital Responses. I took up the job to revamp and retexture the ship a few days ago. The end result looked superb so it was time for a release. The new ship has less pollies than the Rick Knox Sovereign Class and the hull is brighter compared to Admirals Sovereign.

- A new Buildbutton and Admirals Log Picture has been included.

- The ship has been balanced to stock A2.


Model: Chronocidal Guy, rebuilt by Major Payne and further revamped by K_Merse
Textures: Hawkeye, edited by Jetfreak
Lightmapping: K_Merse
ODF: Jetfreak
Buildbutton and Admirals Log Picture: Jetfreak

The Sovereign Class:

Introduced: Late 2370s
Ship type: Explorer
Length: 685m.
Major Conflits fought: The Battle of Sector 001 (2373) and the Dominion War (2374-2375)

Introduced in the late 2370s to supplement the Galaxy Class, the Sovereign Class is the Federations most advanced starship to date. She is equipped with powerful shields, cutting edge weaponry, and advanced technology that allow it to defend the Federation and her allies from threats of any kind. Unique and above all, the Sovereign represents a new standard for future Federation starship designs.

Notable Ships: 
USS Sovereign NCC-73811 - Class pathfinder and had an important role in solving the Maelstrom Incident.
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E - Current Federation Flagship, the sixth starship to bear the prestigous name.


The installation instructions given will add the ship to your game and will not replace the old Sovereign. If you simply want to replace the old model, rename the sod and odf files to fbattle and replace the old ones.

1) Open the SOD Folder and put the fsovy.sod in the folder

2) Open the odf/ships Folder and put the fsovy.odf in the folder

3) Open the bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages Folder and put the fsovy.bmp in the folder

4) Open the Textures/RGB Folder and all TGA files in the folder

5) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fsovy.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf  

6) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fsovy 0

7) Open gui_global.spr located in the sprites folder and add the following line:
b_fsovy gbfsovy 0 0 64 64

8) Open the odf/stations folder, open fyard2.odf and add the following line:
add under the list of builditems

buildItemX = "fsovy" ( The X stands for the next number on the list)

That's it youre good to go! 
You can also use this ship in any mod, just give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

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