Cheyenne and Excalibur Class Retexture



Introducing another retexture mod from Jetfreak, this is a mod that contains two new texture renders for the Cheyenne and Excalibur Classes. Both models are Major Payne's - The Cheyenne was released under Porty's name back in days gone by :p and the Excalibur is a model which the major has released for Star Trek Legacy as well as Armada 2. Both models are a prerequisite for this mod therefore you can obtain them here and here..

This retexture is much like Jetfreak's other mods with respect to the fact that they do include some very neat Borg textures and are nicely done but the lack of alpha channels are a bit of a drawback. However, in saying that they are still quite good and are definitely worth checking out. Keep up the good work Jetfreak :thumbsup:

- IKS -



- Cheyenne and Excalibur Class Retexture -
By: Jetfreak

-This texture mod requires MAP's Cheyenne and Excalibur Class Models. Both are downloadable on A2 files.-


-This simple mod changes the Textures of Major Payne's Cheyenne and Excalibur Class ships
-Borg Textures are included
-A new Admiral's Log pic is also available to match with the textures
-Sorry, no Alpha Channel, yet again

How to install: 

1) put all the TGA Files in the Textures/RGB folder and replace the old texture and buildbuttons
2) Add the fcheyenne.bmp and fexcalibur.bmp into bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder

That's it you're done!!!


Excalibur Class Texture: Legacy (LC) and NeoArchNova 
Cheyenne Class Texture: Rick Knox's textures from Tycoon's Wolf 359 ship pack
"Borgified" Parts: Scanned from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book
Cheyenne and Excalibur Borg Textures, Buildbuttons and Admiral's Log pics: All my work 

I hope Enjoy this mod

-Jetfreak out

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