Chiletrek's Dilithium Moon

Gives you the option of using a diffrent dilithium moon in the map editor.


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Gives you the option of using a diffrent dilithium moon in the map editor.

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Hi, I'm Chiletrek:
 Remember some campaigns of ST Armada1? In those campaigns appears not only the dilithium moon, but rather another moon design also appeared, something but resemblance to a "potato". In ST Armada2 those moons didn't appeared, but I discovered that the model (.SOD) and the data file (.ODF) appears in the game so...why don't try some new moons??

 This little mod will allow you to put this new moon in any map you are making, all you have to do is to copy the file: 
 ej_moons.odf   to the  -->  Star Trek Armada II\odf\other   directory

 Or if you had modified this file already, then open the file ej_moons.odf with a text editor (notepad, etc) and add the line.
 item* = "mdmoon3"      --> where you must replace the * with the next free                           number and the moon will be accesible from the map 				 editor.

 I hope everybody likes this moon, it has the same amount of Dilithium than the normal one.
 For any suggestions, opinions or ideas you can E-mail me at: 	[email protected]

 Paramount Pictures             : For make every Star Trek series and 	films.
 Activision and Mad Doc Software: For creating this great game (and for 		creating the new moon).
 Chiletrek (Me!)		: Who changed a little one of the files so 	now the moon is now accessible for the enjoy of everybody.

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