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Nice planet designs from Chris5110uk2k.


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Nice planet designs from Chris5110uk2k.

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Mod by chris5110uk2k

Hi, basicly this mini mod changes all the planets in the game into new ones, the new 
textures i found in the armada Directry and you may recognise a few of the planets...
it will give the game a bit more realisim, one more thing, when the borg fully assimilate
a planet you will now notice as the planet will be filled of toxix gases etc and wont look
a pretty site :-D

Install Instructions:
Basicly Extract the winzip file into your Armada Directry and the files will go in the 
correct places

The only files that are overwritten are the Planet ODF's and Textures


(E-mail me with any suggestions or problems [email protected])

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