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I'm not quite sure where the term "codah" comes from, but it's the theme of this mod making the powerful even more so by the generous equipping of the high end battleships and starbases with 8472 pulse and beam technology. Essentially, it's a simple odf mod which gives the high end ships bigger guns, but in fleet action, I suppose it really could look quite interesting, with 8472 weaponry flying all over the place.

In summary, it's a nice mod if you just want a demonstration of the raw power of Species 8472 but I doubt it would be much use to other things. She comes with all necessary odf changes.



In this BETA version of Codah-Mod:
-Raging warships armed with biological pulsephasers
-Tactical Fusion Cubes with TWELVE biological pulsephasers...
-And last but not least, the key to every base is... biopulse-armed starbases and mothers!!
Codah-Mod 1.0 BETA Readme
1.How the Mod was made
2.Files included

1. How the Mod was made
I started making the Mod when I discovered that you can change things
in the Armada 2 .odf files. I was bored, so i came up with this: the
Codah-Mod for Armada 2. The Mod might be a bit messy, since i only used
Notepad for editing .odf files.

2.Files included

8472 Mothership - Codah type:
The Weak Will Perish... Because We Have Mother With Her 8472 Phasers!

8472 Battleship - Codah type:
If your 8472 opponents already crushed you with ease, it's going
to get worse: Their Battleship is now armed with an arsenal full
with 8472 Pulse Phasers!!

Federation Starbase - Codah type:
The Federation Starbase remains the key to an succesful base... now
with 8472 Phasers.

Sovereign Class - Codah type:
The Sovereign-class is known for it's strength. Just in case it wasn't
enough, it has been armed by 8472 Pulse Phasers...

Klingon Starbase - Codah type:
The Klingons now can hunt down the Cardassians with an 8472 Phaser-
armed Starbase...

Negh'Var Class - Codah type:
All Negh'Var captains have been proud of their ships. Armed with 8472
Pulse Phasers, they will be prouder. Only Martok won't be pleased...
this mod is not for singleplayer.

Borg Nexus - Codah type:
Resistance Is Futile... with 8472 phasers, the Borg Nexus is one of
the most feared stations in the galaxy.

Tactical Cube - Codah type:
The Tactical Cube now has 8472 Pulse Phasers. All modified ships have
5 8472 Pulse Phasers. The Tactical Fusion Cube has a WHACKING TWELVE
8472 PULSE PHASERS!!!!!! Even a fleet of (unmodified) D'deridex Classes
can not stand against this biological-armed monstrocity...

Cardassian Starbase - Codah type:
Why take prisoners to interrogate them for info about the enemy's
base, if it is just as easy to kill them with 8472 phasers?

Keldon Class - Codah type:
And yes, i didn't forget the Keldon class of the Cardassians.
They too have 8472 Pulse Phasers. A fleet of these Keldons would
have nasty results for your precious Starbase...

Romulan Starbase - Codah type:
The combination of cloaking AND 8472-phasers makes the Romulans
quite a strong enemy. Ally with them if you can, face doom if you

D'deridex (Warbird) Class - Codah type:
One of your worst nightmares would be facing a D'deridex class with
8472 Pulse Phasers, would'nt it? Well, that nightmare now comes true...

First, backup the following files:
8472_mothership.odf (in the odf/ships folder)
fbase.odf           (in the odf/stations folder)
bbase.odf           (in the odf/stations folder)
kbase.odf           (in the odf/stations folder)
cbase.odf           (in the odf/stations folder)
rbase.odf           (in the odf/stations folder)
8472_battle.odf     (in the odf/ships folder)
fbattle.odf         (in the odf/ships folder)
cbattle2.odf        (in the odf/ships folder)
kbattle.odf         (in the odf/ships folder)
rbattle.odf         (in the odf/ships folder)
bbattle2.odf        (in the odf/ships folder)
bbattle4.odf        (in the odf/ships folder)
Second, put each file in its respective folder.
Every file that is in the Codah-Mod/stations folder, goes to:
Every file that is in the Codah-Mod/ships folder, goes to:
Then, you can play.
To Uninstall, just replace the modified files with the ones you copied.

-None so far
If you spotted a bug, e-mail to [email protected].

Thank you for downloading!

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