Conflict at Terellia

This is the ALPHA (The stage before a beta) of a cool mod. It adds 2 species to your existing ones: the Terrelian Navy, and the K'Lornai co...


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This is the ALPHA (The stage before a beta) of a cool mod. It adds 2 species to your existing ones: the Terrelian Navy, and the K'Lornai confederation. This mod isn't finished AT ALL, but it's excellent so far. My favorite part is the K'Lornai's Fighter squadron; It is perfect for protecting ships. An excellent alpha of a promising mod. I am eager for the next installment :)

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Alpha version 0.5a
Thank you for downloading the Conflict at Terellia Alpha version!
This version of our upcoming Total conversion intends to show
you some aspects of the modification (or short, "mod") by us.
The Full Version of this mod will include 4 entirely new races,
namely the Terellan navy, T'Lana-R'ath patriarchate, K'Lorani confederation
and the Freedom forces. However, this is an Alpha version, and in rather
early development stages. You will only be able to play as the Terellan navy
(which is the most advanced part right now) as well as the K'Lorani confederation.
Please note that also Balancing etc. isn't as it will be in the final mod.
Installation notes:
WARNING: Please Install the Armada 2 patch before proceeding!
The Mod might not work properly without the patch
Additionally, make sure that you install onto a fresh Armada 2 install - Mods
don't like each other very much.
The Alpha version comes with an Installer, simply choose the Armada 2 directory
as target. After that there is only one more step to do: converting the music to .WAV
formate. There are now 2 new files located in your Armada\sounds\music folder
namely mtermp227.mp3 and mklormp227.mp3
now proceed as following:
1. open winamp
2. put the 2 files into the playlist
3. right click on the middle part of Winamp (the WinAmp Equalizer)
and choose "options", then "settings". There choose under the Plug-ins entry
the "output" table and change the output plugin to "Nullsoft Disk writer plugin"
Then play the files.
4. now you should have the files converted to WAV. Make sure that they are EXACTLY
named as the original MP3 files, otherwise it won't work.
You can also use other convertor programs to convert the music to wav files.
This Alpha version contains 2 sides, of which one is nearly complete and another half-way
under works. There are included:
- plenty of new ships
- some new stations
- an at least somewhat challenging AI
- new graphics and sounds for most of the weapons
and other things. Note again, this is an Alpha version and doesn't represent the final
mod at all!
Challenger - pretty anything of the Terellan side, as well as some odf work on the K'Lorani
Galaxy X - pretty much the K'Lorani side of the mod as well as the AI. Great work, my friend!
GT Interactive - Some of the ships are inspired by their game Imperium Galactica
Taldren - some of the K'Lorani textures are from SFC II's ISC
Volition - some sounds
Cavedog - the music pieces are from Total Annihilation
not to mention Activision & MadDoc Software for Armada 2 :)
Special thanks
Major A Payne: Kinda a morale supporting role - don't underestimate your influence, MaP! :)
Gene Roddenberry - well, without him this wouldn't have been created at all (as he created Star Trek)
My grey cells - hey, where do you think came the idea from? LOL
GameStar - for putting a short info on the TC into their latest issue
Contact Information
[email protected] - Challenger's EMAIL
[email protected] - Galaxy X's EMAIL - Our homepage - our parent organisation, Future Gaming Xperience! - Germany's largest gaming magazine - Star Trek Gaming network, you will find us around there

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