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Fireball brings us one truly awesome mod of the Constellation class. Now, it's his opinion that this work isn't his finest, and that he's ca...


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Fireball brings us one truly awesome mod of the Constellation class. Now, it's his opinion that this work isn't his finest, and that he's capable of better, but when you see the results he gets that he ISN'T happy with, it kind of makes you wonder what'd happen if he was on his game and put together a Constellation class starship like, how could it be better? Nice lightmaps, detailed build button and wireframe, and best of all, a canon Federation starship that looks better than ever.

Note that you'll need to follow the instructions in the readme very carefully because there's some sprite entries you'll want to be sure you enter, otherwise you'll be crashing the game instead of playing it.

Download this one today!


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Download '' (1.68MB)

Constellation Class by Michael/Fireball

Background: I'm sure we all know of the Constellation class, it's a hard hitting, moderatley shielded destroyer. About this download though, in the coming months i'm going to be releasing
all of the ships that have become obsolete to me. By obsolete I mean that they are no longer up to the quality standards that I have set for my mod. But there is no point in letting things rot away in the hard-drive, ya 
never know someone, somewhere might be inspired. Anyways all the usual is included, enjoy.

odf - yes
button - yes
wireframe - yes
install instructions - yes

model/mesh - fireball/mike
textures - fireball/mike
build buttons, wires weapons - fireball/mike
design - Star Trek


Drag and drop the contents of the ZIP file directly
into your Armada II directory to add the new files
to your game.

open your weapon.spr
in your sprites folder



Put the following lines:

# Federation red torpedo
frtorp		frtorp  	0	0	32	32	@anim=tex4x4

# Red Twin Phaser
wfedphas        wfedphas        0       0       32      32      @anim=tex1x4

ok your done in the weapons.spr

now open your gui_global.spr

under federation build buttons
and under

put this line

b_fconstel			GBfconstel		0	0	64	64

then go all the way down to federation wireframes,

put this line

fconstelw1			FConstelWF	160	0	80	80	
fconstelw2			FConstelWF	0	80	80	80		
fconstelw3			FConstelWF	80	80	80	80		
fconstelw4			FConstelWF	80	0	80	80		
fconstelw5			FConstelWF	0	0	80	80

Go to your ODF folder in the base Armada II directory.
Proceed to the Stations folder.
Open the ODF of a shipyard of your choice
and add the ship to build there

(x representing the build item)

buildItemx = "fconstel"

Go to the techtree folder in the Armada II directory.
Look under federation ships
and put the following line:

fconstel.odf 2 fyard.odf fbase.odf


and after that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy :)

- Fireball

I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your system.
If your have problems, are looking for permission to use my mod or would like to alter it and put it in your mod you can contact me at: or via

This is an Armada 2 only mod.

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